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Appendix is a small finger shaped organ and it is attached with the large intestine. Normally appendix is located in the lower right region of the abdomen. If you feel pain in the stomach area, then you may have an appendix pain. About more than 8% of people in western countries, they suffer from appendix pain at several stages during lifetime. Depending on the duration of attack and on the nature, appendix pains are classified into two major classes.

  1. Acute appendix pain and
  2. Chronic appendix pain.

Appendix pains are major sign of appendicitis. Several diseases those also may responsible for appendix pain.

What is appendix pain?

Appendix pain which is referred a medical condition. Appendix pain can be very much serious. Appendix pain is indicatives symptoms of appendicitis. Appendix pain also is occurring due to inflammation or infection into appendix. Sometime abdominal pains also occur due to this condition.

Causes of appendix pain

Until it is unclear to expert the clear causes of appendix pain. However most expert believe that appendix pain can happen due to following result:


Appendicitis is major causes of appendix pain. Appendicitis is occurring due to swollen appendix. It causes pus accumulation and the tearing into the appendix, which causes acute stomach pain.


Gastrointestinal tract infection that make the swell of lymph tissue and get enlarge, which causes stomach pain.


Stress or trauma into the abdomen region which responsible for appendix pain.

Mucus accumulation

  1. Accumulation of thick mucus within the appendix.
  2. Mucus accumulation leads to elevated pressure within wall and the lumen of the appendix.
  3. As a result it causes thrombosis and occlusion of the appendix.

Fecal deposits

  1. It causes decreased bowel activities in patients with this condition.
  2. It also known as fecaliths or appendicoliths.
  3. It is complicated case of appendix pain.

Other conditions

  1. Cohan’s disease.
  2. Foreign body
  3. Ulcerative Colitis

Appendix pain in children

Due to appendicitis appendix pain usually arise in children. Generally appendix pain affected Childs suffer from painful feelings in abdomen area around the belly button. Some the pain may be shift to the right part of the abdomen but this appendix pain also may originate in the lower right hand side. With the passes of time the painful sensation usually increase in severity. Pain may be worsen with some movement like Taking deep breaths, sneezing etc. diarrhea , loss of appetite fever this problems occur due to appendix pain.

Appendix pain in adults

Appendix pain region is usually manifested by some of following symptoms:

  1. Pain origination around the navel.
  2. Pain often shifted to the lower right side of abdomen.
  3. Acute pain in right abdomen when this area is touched.
  4. Severity of pain becomes increase over a period of several hours.

Appendix pain symptoms

Appendix pain is related with a number of many other symptoms. Appendix pain symptoms are given below:


It is one of the major symptoms of appendix pain. Patient feels tenderness while touching the pain area of abdomen.


Nausea is another symptom of appendix pain. The patient often feels vomiting and suffers from nausea. If the patient experience pain fist and then vomit later, then it may be causes of appendix pain.

Sudden pain

Abdomen pain can occur suddenly in many sufferers. If the pain shifts from one side of abdomen to another side then it is so much risk for appendix pain.


In this condition person have to face digestion problems.

Appendix pain tests

We can indentify appendix pain by several medical test. Those describe below:

Medical examination

Is it original test for appendix pain. A simple examination into the belly remains very much important to diagnosis appendix pain.

CT scan (computed tomography)

X-ray uses for CT scan and computer use for view details images. It is able to see inflamed appendix by CT scan and appropriate location whether it become ruptured.


A sound wave is use to detect the sign of appendicitis, like swollen appendix by ultrasound method.

Complete blood count

An elevated level of white blood cell which is major sign of inflammation and infection and appendix pain is detected by this way.

Appendix pain treatment

Mild condition of appendix pain may be treated by medicine. In several cases, fully bed rest in require to counter the pain. If patient feel severe appendix pain, then he or she should seek medical attention immediately. Doctor will do some physical observation to diagnosis of the condition by several test like Computed Tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis to check the appropriate causes of pain. If patient does not treat in proper time, it may lead to rupture into the appendix which causes infection and shock. Even it causes death of the sufferer. Sometime it may also teat to severe complication of appendicitis.

Appendicitis is normally treated by medical surgery. Doctor’s recommend surgery if they detect a possibility of any appendix infection.

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