Chest pain in women causes, symptoms- left & upper chest pain

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Chest pain in women normally happens due to several heart diseases especially coronary heart diseases. Chest pain has several varieties and it’s ranging from normal dull aches to sharp pain. Some chest pain in women is normally described as a burning or crushing. In several cases chest pain can travel up into the jaw, neck and this chest pain in women radiates through into the both arm or one. Many different disease or problems are responsible for chest pain in women. Normally several heart disease and lung problems can causes chest pain in women but it is very difficult to determine the exact causes of chest pain in women.

What is chest pain?

Chest pain is a pain or discomfort that normally happens in chest area due to heart or lung disease. During this time patient normally feel sharp or dull pain and its lasts for few seconds to several hours. Chest pain normally occurs in one spot or it can spread from spot area to several parts of the body specially the down of the arms. The chest pain can be also in the skin covering the chest, in the ribcage or in the muscle area. While the chest pain in women is associated with several heart diseases like heart attack and some other related dangerous condition, it is generally causes by several minor disorders as like muscle strain or indigestion.

Chest pain in women: know the risks

Women who have coronary heart disease or angina are more likely than the man to face or experience chest pain as a result of strong emotion or hard exercise. Research usually shows that the women’s are most likely to attribute several heart disease or angina symptoms to something else such as stomach problems, stress, indigestion and fatigue. Research also show that women are, on average twenty percent most likely than men are experience several angina symptoms such as chest pain even when their heart are not getting enough oxygen. All over the world about seven percent of women are suffering by angina where the men have six percent.

What causes chest pain?

Coronary heart diseases in women are mainly responsible for chest pain in women. But it is nothing serious by the doctors when it happens in men. So women are more likely to develop chest pain than men due to coronary artery disorder. Problems in lung, ribs, muscle, esophagus and nerves are also responsible for chest pain in women. Some of these conditions are life threatening and very serious. But if you feel unexplained chest pain, then you have to meet with doctor as soon as possible.

Chest pain in women: heart related causes

Chest pains have various possible causes and all of the causes deserve medical help or attention. Heart related problems of chest pain are includes:

Heart attack

This condition is one of the major causes of chest pain and heart attack mainly happen due to blocking of the blood flow into the heart muscle.


Thick plaques are slowly built up into the arteries inner wall that always carries blood into the heart. Due to these plaques the artery become very narrow and restricts the blood supply into the heart especially during exertion.

Aortic dissection

It is another major causes of chest pain in women and this life-threatening condition are involves the major artery leading from the heart. If the inner walls of this blood vessel are separate, then the blood will be enforced between the wall and it can cause the aorta to rupture.

Causes of chest pain in women: digestive cause

Chest pain in women can be also caused due to several digestive problems are including:


It is one of the major causes of chest pain in women. Heartburn is very much painful and this burning sensation can happen due to excessive production of stomach acid and it washes up from stomach into the esophagus.

Swallowing disorders

This disorder can also may results chest pain in women. Esophagus disorder can make swallowing problems and even it is very painful.

Pancreas or gallbladder problems

Pancreas or inflammation of gallbladder or gallstone can cause abdominal pain or discomfort that can radiate in your chest.

Causes of chest pain in women: muscle and bone causes

Some types of chest pain in women are related with physical injuries and some other problems that are affecting the chest wall structure. Some example includes:


It is another major cause of chest pain in women. In this condition the cartilage that joins with ribs to breastbone that means cartilage of the rib cage become very painful and inflamed.

Sore muscles

Some chronic pain syndromes as like fibromyalgia can also produce severe muscle related chest pain in women.

Injured ribs

Sometime a broke or bruised rib can also cause chest pain in women.

Chest pain in women: lung related causes

Sometime many lung problems can also be cause chest pain in women, including:

Pulmonary embolism

It is another major factor of chest pain in women. Pulmonary embolism can also cause of chest pain in women occurs when the blood clot become very stuck into pulmonary artery or lung, blocking the flow of blood into lung tissue.


If the membrane that normally covers the lungs become affected or inflamed, it can also be causes chest pain in women. This condition may make worse when you cough or inhale.

Collapsed lung

The chest pain in women also related with a collapsed lung characteristically being swiftly and can last for several hours. Normally a collapsed lung happens when air leaks into the space between the ribs and lung area.

Pulmonary hypertension

Normally elevated blood pressure in the arteries that is carrying blood into the lung can also produce chest pain.

Symptoms of chest pain in women

Normally a wide range of health problems specially heart and lung problems are responsible for chest pain in women. Some symptoms that are visible during chest pain are including:

Chest pain symptoms: heart related

Most of the people who have heart disease say they have experience mild or severe discomfort with pain in chest area. In general chest pain or chest discomforts are related with heart attack and some other heart problems. Chest pain symptoms in women that normally related with heart disease are given below:

  1. Pressure, tightness or fullness in chest area.
  2. Cold sweats in body.
  3. Weakness or dizziness feeling.
  4. Pain that lasts more than ten minutes and then gets worse with activity and come back with varies intensity.
  5. Feeling vomiting or nausea.
  6. Crushing or discomfort pain that radiates into jaw, back, shoulder and arm.
  7. Shortness of breath.
  8. Pain after exertion.

Other symptoms of chest pain in women

Some other symptoms of chest pain that are no related with any heart disease are including:

  1. Feeling of anxiety or panic.
  2. Pain accompanied with rash.
  3. Sour or acidic taste in mouth.
  4. Severe back pain that sometime radiates to the arm and chest.
  5. Pain that become worse and get well soon rapidly.
  6. Aches, fever, cough and runny nose.
  7. Pain after eat or difficulty swallowing.
  8. Tenderness during push on chest.
  9. Pain becomes worse during deeply breath or coughs.

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