How to detox your body naturally from weed, drugs & alcohol

Detox or detoxification is the process to removing toxic agent from body. Detox your body means eliminates toxic substance by different way from body. You can detox your body by different way. You can detox your body by exercise, taking food, and by avoiding some food that responsible to detox your body.

How can detox your body?

Detoxification is commonly associated with abuse alcohol, drug and other substance which responsible to detox your body. You can detox your body by well dieting and loss of weight. Many people believe that detoxification is also a process to eliminate the entire negative effect on our body from our environment, like pesticides, industrial chemical, secondary smoke and heavy metal.

Mainly detoxification refers to removal toxic agent by kidney from our body. Like kidney, liver and other organ also involve to detox your body. We can detox our body by variety of way like nutritional supplement, safe mercury removal, herbal mixture, intravenous injections etc.

Way to detox your body

The body have own extraordinary detox system by which body can detox your body. The body’s detox systems are given below:

The liver

Liver is the first line defense against toxins. Liver act as a filter to removing toxic substance, that contain in foods from passing into our blood. So liver plays an important role to detox your body.

The colon

The colon is an organ that has bacteria which produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals in our body. The main role of colon is to flush out toxic substance before they do any harm in body.

The kidney

The kidney maintains a major role to detox your body. Kidneys are continually filtering our blood and remove toxic chemical from blood.

Detox your body by different way


Lemon water

Lemon water is so much useful for detox your body. The acids that contain in lemon assist the cleansing process. Lemon contains a pure concentration form of citric which that works to bleach on fat. Citric acid is very helpful for detox your body.

Detox pill

Many companies are offering some pill that is very helpful to detox your body. Just take one pill on a day and detox has begun.

Apple detox diet

For four or five days, eat nothing but only raw early ripen apple like Arkansas Black, red or yellow Delicious, Jonathans, Oregon Reds. You must try to eat at least six apple per days that will help you to detox your body.


The skin is one of the largest detoxifying organs in human body, eliminating toxins through sweat. Some heat producing exercise like dancing or running that encourages a gentle cleansing effect in our body. Increase oxygen intake during exercise that also help to detox your body. Must take shower after working out that make sure that component are not reabsorbed that come out with sweating.

Hot towel scrub

It is most simple and comforting way to clean our body daily. In the morning and after work or before bed wash your body for five to ten minute under hot water. The friction sloughs off dead skin cells and detox your body.

Detox bath

It is another way to detox your body. Take a detox bath twice a day for three or four days. Add two bags of Traditional Medicinal detox tea, Epsom salt four cups, digestive enzyme tea two bag or four capsule of digestive enzyme mix with water. This bath not only detoxes your body but also counteracts excess acidity in the body.

Elimination diet

For long term better health you should eliminate some foods that are not good for our body. At the most basic level you have to eliminate some food that acidify and contribute to increase body toxicity including fried food, refined sugar, meat and dairy product. You have to avoid of processed food for more powerful cleanse and eat more food like vegetable, nuts, fruits, seeds, whole grain etc. further step you have to refrain from cooking food and to only eat food in the nature and raw food. Those foods will help to detox your body.

Cut out alcohol

Alcohol is responsible with the onset of certain types of cancer like breast cancer in women. Alcohol also raises toxic level in body. So it is most needed to avoid alcohol.

Avoid added sugars

Consuming excessive amount of sugar in daily which cases the blood sugar level rises, that is greatest risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancer.

Long term VS short term detox

Detox programs are two types, short time and long time detox. But the aim of all types of detox is release toxins from body. 24-hour juice fasting, skin cleaning, intravenous injections, heavy metal removal, colon cleansing are short terms detox.

Long term detox program including, avoiding high fat food, high-carbohydrates or sweeteners and eating more fruits, drinking fluid like water, juice, herbal tea, vegetable etc. it is also recommended hydrotherapy, exercise, herbal soaks, or meditation.

7 ways that help your body detoxify

  1. Eat fresh food and vegetable every day.
  2. Cleanse your liver by taking drinking green tea.
  3. Take vitamin C.
  4. Drink sufficient amount of water regularly.
  5. Breathe deeply that allow oxygen to circulate more.
  6. Avoid alcohol and drags.
  7. Exercise regularly.

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