Duodenal cancer causes,types,symptoms and treatment

Duodenal cancer is a result of the malignant tumors and forming into the tissue of small intestine. We know that duodenum is first part or component of the small intestine. In duodenum food mixed with the bile from gall bladder and also enzyme from the pancreases in order to digest the food effectively. Generally duodenal cancer is one of the rarest cancers in the whole gastrointestinal system. For this reason it has been difficult to determine the better course of action for diagnosis and treating of duodenal cancer.

What is duodenal cancer?

Duodenal cancer can be a primary cancer into the duodenum or metastasis of another malignant tumor developing into pancreases, bile duct, and stomach and so on. Normally duodenal cancer arises in the duodenum that is the first part of the small intestine and the structure into which the stomach empties. Duodenal cancer is similar to other cancers of gastrointestinal tract like colon cancer and small bowel cancer. The overall survival rates of patient with the duodenal cancers are much better than with the bile duct cancer or pancreatic cancer.

Causes of Duodenal cancer

The appropriate causes of duodenal cancer are still unclear bur some component into the bile and pancreatic juice such as lithocholic acid and some other secondary bile acid can be the carcinogenic agent. Usually the villous adenoma, Familial polyposis, and benign epithelial tumor or some other disease may responsible to causing duodenal cancer. On the other hand there are some studies on duodenal ulcer, diverticular cancerization and also heredity has something contribute to do duodenal cancer.

Risk factors of duodenal cancer

Research has lacking on the duodenal cancer subject because duodenal cancer is very rare cancer so not a large number of patients to study. As a result there have some little data to lead the doctor for choosing the best treatment for duodenal cancer. The treatment of the duodenal cancer is often modified toward attacking of the tumor with the treatment that are known to effective in some other tumors with the similar tissue types.

There is little conclusive information regarding risk factors and the exact etiologies for the duodenal cancer; however those thought to play an important role are:

  1. Diet containing high amount of fat.
  2. Exposure to carcinogens due to chemical or radiation.
  3. Chronic smoking.
  4. Lynche syndrome.
  5. Celiac disease.
  6. Puetz-Jeghers disease.
  7. Gardner syndrome.
  8. Crohn’s disease.
  9. Familial adenomatous polyposis.
  10. Juvenile polyposis syndrome.

Types of duodenal cancer

Different types of duodenal cancer including:

Duodenal adenocarcinoma

It is a type of duodenal cancer.Duodenal adenocarcinoma is normally originated from duodenal mucosa. Most of the cases duodenal adenocarcinoma types are normally solitary but some of cases are develop from the adenoma concretization.

Duodenal carcinoid

Duodenal carcinoid is a malignant tumor that is starting from the enterochromaffin cell of the intestine and most time occurs as a small tumor. Normally it can present as single tumor or the multiple tumor into the intestine tract. When the tumor increase, the infiltrating symptoms are develop.

Duodenal leiomyosarcoma

It is another type of duodenal cancer. Duodenal leiomyosarcoma is a tumor of the muscular layer that arising from the muscularis mucosa or the muscularis propria or vessel wall into the intestinal wall.

The malignant lymphoma of duodenum

It is a duodenal cancer that originate from the lymphatic tissues of the duodenal wall, and that is different from secondary lesion and causes by encroachment of the general malignant lymphoma into intestine.

Symptoms of duodenal cancer

Major symptoms of duodenal cancer are including:

  1. Dull pain into the upper abdomen that symptoms do no reduce even after intake of food or the pain now and then the pain extend into the back.
  2. Blood in stool or black stools.
  3. Lump is palpable into the right upper abdomen.
  4. Nausea and vomiting.
  5. Mass in the abdomen.
  6. Cramping pain.
  7. Acid reflux.
  8. Involuntary weight loss.
  9. Constipation.

Diagnosis of duodenal cancer

Some tests are available to diagnose duodenal cancer. Those tests are including:

CT scan

It is one of the major diagnostic tools to identify duodenal cancer. It is one of the imaging test and by using this technique it is possible to observe the internal view of intestine and then it is possible to detect the area of cancer. Ct scan technique is also known as computer tomography scan.


It is another major clinical technique to detect the duodenal cancer. A small needle is used to cut a small pitches of cancerous cell or effected cells and then this tissues are examine under the microscope to determine the presence of cancerous tissues.


It is a modern medical technique to determine duodenal cancer. It is an important imaging test. A camera is entered into the intestine and a special computer is used to view the internal picture of intestine.


This technique is also known as magnetic resonance imaging technique. A radio or magnetic wave an a computer is used to view an details picture of intestine and also internal organ of the body. It is possible to view a liver image of intestine by this technique and possible to determine the presence of duodenal cancer.

Stages of duodenal cancer

There are main four stages of duodenal cancer including:

Stage I

In this stage the malignant are growth only into the abdomen.

Stage II

Cancerous cells are spread into locally to adjacent tissues like ligament, muscle, lymph node etc.

Stage III

In this stage the cancer has spread into the adjacent organs like colon, stomach, ileum and other abdominal structures.

Stage IV

In this stage there is wide spread malignancy into the abdominal cavity and also spread into the other organ of the body like liver, kidney, lung, bone and other.

Treatment of duodenal cancer

The treatment of duodenal cancer are varies that depending on the stage of disease and where the cancer is found. In earlier stage of duodenal cancer it is most easy to treatment but in later stage surgery is most common choice to treatment of duodenal cancer. Sometime radiation therapy and Chemotherapy are employed, but those treatment options are usually done in the conjunction with surgery. Some other treatment options are also available for duodenal cancer such as some herbal treatment and nontraditional methods also effective on duodenal cancer.

Prevention of duodenal cancer

Some healthy lifestyle foods can help you to keep far from duodenal cancer. Some prevention techniques of duodenal cancer are including:

  1. You must keep far from smoking.
  2. You should avoid alcohol.
  3. You must consume sufficient amount of fluid daily.
  4. You must take healthy diet daily.
  5. You should avoid excess intake of tea and coffee.
  6. You should avoid spicy and coarse food.
  7. Patient should take more fresh vegetables and also fruits.
  8. Healthy lifestyle.

Prognosis of duodenal cancer

One of the common abdomen issues is abdomen cancer that needs small intestine Cancer Prognosis that helps in distinguishing the unwellness. There are also any reasons for the abdomen issues. Many things may arise that would be abdomen cancer, lover cirrhosis of the liver, gastro eso phageal reflex disorder (GERO). to verify the unwellness, there’s a requirement to contemplate diagnosing that identifies the unwellness. At the time of general discomfort, misdiagnosis should be done. just in case if the pain is perennial, then there’s a requirement for a heavy diagnosing that might facilitate in distinguishing the complications reason. So, it might be best if the acceptable scrutiny would be finished the identification of the pain.

Duodenal Cancer Prognosis would be done reckoning on the seriousness of the unwellness or the explanation for the reason for cancer. By playacting the diagnosing, the treatment may be done properly. There’s a requirement to perform the tests thus to search out the explanation for the abdomen discomfort.

Duodenal Cancer Prognosis would facilitate in obtaining rid of from the pain by playacting the proper treatment. A pain that might be among other issues may even be a risk to the life. If this may be unheeded or left untreated, then this may for sure cause alternative health connected issues. Therefore, one ought to watch out to not avoid such variety of issues.

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