Kidney back pain causes, symptoms and treatment

Kidney back pain means kidney pain that experience in the lower back left or right of the spine and the hips. Kidney pain may occur due to kidney stone, kidney infection, kidney cyst, urinary tract infection and kidney cancer. Kidney back pain usually accompanied with vomiting, fever, nausea and back pain. Some medication and food supplement are use for the treatment for the kidney back pain.

What is kidney back pain?

Kidney back pain is one of the symptoms of kidney failure. Back pain may come from the variety of possible causes. Kidney pain is usually happening into the flank region, which is below the bottom of the rib cage. If you feel the pain into your back, then it won’t be along spinal column but also will be more toward your side. Usually kidney stone causes back pain when the stone move from the kidneys into the bladder and it also blockage the ureters. So the beside back pain is one of the symptoms of kidney stone or the kidney infection.

Causes of kidney back pain

Kidneys are normally located in the two sides of the spine and into the back of the abdomen. So when people feel back pain, they think that this pain is due to kidney failure. The Kidney failure indeed gives rise of many discomforts.

Normally kidney is been shaped organ that present under the rib cage. According to the causes and the exact location of the damage, kidney disease may divided into several types like, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Diabetic Nephropathy etc. most of the kidney infection or disease causes no pain in the back but a few special kidney disorder like, kidney infection, kidney stone, kidney cyst are causes pain in the back. So kidney back pain occurs due to this condition.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone is one of the major causes of the kidney back pain or the pain in the kidney location. Generally small kidney stones are discharged easily with the urine by drinking lot of water and also perform some physical exercise. But if the kidney stone is so big or big enough then they may suck into the kidney and that pain in the back or the kidney back pain. Kidney stone can also stuck in ureter that is a slender tube connecting bladder and kidneys.

Kidney infection

It is another major cause of kidney back pain or back pain. A kidney infection is normally refers to the inflammation into the kidneys. The pain is normally caused by the kidney infection. People experience dull pain due to the kidney infection. Usually some antibiotics are adopted for the treatment of kidney infection.

Kidney cyst

Normally kidney cysts does not causes any pain in the back but if the cysts rupture or pulls renal capsule then it causes back pain. There are some nerves in renal capsule, when kidney cyst are pull or oppress renal capsule then pain occur in the back. It is another causes of kidney back pain.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

It is another common cause of kidney back pain. Polycystic Kidney Disease is common kidney problems in which the large quantities of cyst grow into kidney and may enlarge over time. With the Polycystic Kidney Disease, the patient have a great chance to develop kidney stone and kidney infection that may causes back pain or kidney back pain. Without effective control the big cysts in the kidney may rupture easily and the Polycystic Kidney Disease runs to kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney back pain

The major symptoms of kidney back pain are including:

  1. Dark, red or foamy urine
  2. Decreased urine output
  3. Urinary urgency and/or burning
  4. Groin pain
  5. Fever
  6. Recent history of sore throat
  7. Abdominal pain or pressure
  8. High fever
  9. Chills
  10. Extreme fatigue
  11. Nausea or vomiting
  12. Confusion
  13. High blood pressure
  14. Edema
  15. Pain in back side.
  16. Blood in the urine.
  17. Increased abdominal size.

Treatment of kidney back pain

Back pain is managed by variety of therapies and pain medications. even supposing surgery is AN choice, it’s seldom thought of unless fully necessary. a number of the rear pain management involves use of warmth medical aid, massage medical aid, cold compression medical aid, use of muscle relaxants, physiotherapy, exercises, Alexander Technique, treatment, electrotherapy etc. Patients ordinarily see a therapist, healer or osteopathist.

Kidney pain is treated consistent with its cause. Treatment usually involves antibiotics and bed rest for durable. Urinary organ disorders will have serious implications and thus need immediate medical intervention. Removal of kidneys stones may need surgical ways if medications fail to administer relief to patient.

Back pain may be managed by a hot pack and a massage if not chronic, whereas urinary organ pain is persistently acute and would want a visit to the doctor.

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