kidney failure death symptoms

When both of kidneys become failing and patient do not take proper medication, death is occurring by kidney failure. Patient are immediately needed to kidney transplant and long term kidney dialysis to survive when both kidney become failed. Dialysis might be welcome life saving treatment for kidney failure patient. But extreme ill and elder person it is very much risky to take dialysis. Patient could be dying if they decide to stop dialysis. On the other hand making decision to start dialysis on serious ill patient, they also face multiple medical problems.

Due to multiple medical problems kidney failure death is occurring. When you decide to discontinue kidney dialysis, u might be wondering what death by kidney failure is occurring. The good news is that death by kidney failure is gentle death.

kidney failure death

Kidney failure death means when kidney cannot perform its works and patient are not able to survive; this condition is call kidney failure death. Almost all of kidney failure patient know that kidney failure causes death, but they do not know how. Normally kidney failure means when kidney is unable to work properly. But it is related with all the system of body. Kidneys do multiple functions in body like keeping water balance, acid-base balance and electrolytes balance in body. It also helps to secret all necessary hormones in body. But when kidney does not able to do this work, all function in body become damage and patient become death. kidney failure death occur due to this reason.

kidney failure death symptoms

Some symptoms that is associated with the body shutting down due to kidney failure. Kidney failure death symptoms means when kidneys cannot able to do its function properly at chronic stage, in this stage some symptoms show into kidney failure patient. These symptoms are visible at the last stage of kidney failure.

What are kidney failure death symptoms?

The last stages of kidney failure when the kidneys are no longer able to remove waste product from body, maintain water balance, regulated electrolytes balance and other function that is very essential for life survive, in this condition kidneys shown some symptoms into body, this is called kidney failure death symptoms. Usually this condition is occurring after chronic kidney failure. At the end stage of kidney failure, kidneys functioning rate become decrease below 10 percent.

When kidney failure death symptoms visible?

kidney failure death symptoms are visible when kidney become fully inactive. It is the last stage of chronic kidney failure. All body function interrupt during this time and it causes death.

Causes of kidney failure death

Causes of kidney failure death are given below. One of the major functions of kidneys are remove waste product and toxic substance from blood. But when kidney failure is occur toxin level is increase in blood. This toxin circulates with blood and reaches other organ in body. As a result kidney failure patient are suffering nausea, vomiting and bad test in mouth. It also damage digestive system in body. kidney failure death also occur due to this fact.

The leading causes of kidney failure death are cardiovascular disease which is the most life-threatening complications of kidney failure. Common cardiovascular disease among kidney failure patients includes heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease and it cases kidney failure death.

How does death by kidney failure

Kidney failure is a fatal disease and most time patient death by kidney failure. In clinic all patient known that kidney failure is deadly but they do not know how death does by kidney failure. Most of the time kidney fail does not kill patient directly, and its symptoms is so mild. After long time later or after chronic infection symptoms become visible. When comes to the real cause of death among kidney failure patients, we hear many complement from patient, and it causes death by serious complement.

When our kidney unable to work properly, its mean kidney failure. Kidney failure means just illness on kidneys, but realty kidney involved all the systems of body. Kidneys are bean shape organ and it does multiple functions in body like regulate blood pressure, keeping electrolytes balance and acid base balance in our body. Necessary hormones are secreted by help of kidney and another major function is excreting waste product from body. But when kidneys become affected all the function in body become failed and body loss its ability to work properly. As a result death by kidney failure is occurring.

One of the major functions of kidneys is discharging waste from blood. It excrete waste product from boys as a form of creatinine and urea nitrogen. When kidneys become failing, toxic agent are accumulate into blood. As a result blood becomes polluted. It affected all the organ in body and some symptoms appear like vomiting, nausea, poor appetite and bad test on mouth. Due to all problems death occur by kidney failure.

According to clinical survey, the leading cause of death for kidney failure patients is cardiovascular disease which is the most life-threatening complications of kidney failure. Common cardiovascular disease among kidney failure patients includes heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease. Therefore, having an effective prevention about these serious complications will help kidney failure patients to live a longer and better life.

Other causes death by kidney failure

Many people with kidney failure pass very little or no urine. If you pass little urine, without dialysis you have to be careful to avoid problems with salt and water overload. Restricting your fluid intake to less than one quart of liquid a day will keep you from having much trouble. Fluid overload results in swelling of the body (edema), particularly of the legs and the abdomen. The excess fluid can also cause congestion of the lungs and the heart, leading to rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Sitting upright helps relieve the breathing difficulties, at least for a while, as it shifts the fluid away from the chest and toward the legs; it may be impossible for persons in this condition to lie flat. Oxygen and morphine may also ease any feelings of struggling to breathe.

Major kidney failure death symptoms

The major kidney failure death symptoms are given below:

Loss of appetite

Energy is the major constituent of body to survive. We gain body energy after taking good. But after chronic stage of kidney failure patient cannot taking food properly. As a result patient become week rapidly and causes death. It is one of the kidney failure death symptoms.

Changes in urination

It is one of the major kidney failure death symptoms. Due to kidney failure patient loses interest in food or drink. As a result urination level becomes decrease and urine color also be change. The urine become brownish, reddish or tea colored after chronic kidney failure.

Swelling in feet

Due to chronic kidney failure the kidneys are not able to process body fluid properly. As a result this body fluid is accumulating in the body area, especially in the feet and ankles. Fluid also deposited in hands, face or feel. As a result those organs become swelling. It is another major kidney failure death symptoms.

Coolness into tips of the fingers and the toes

Before the hours or minutes death, blood circulation draws back from the periphery of the body that helps the central organs. When it happens, the hands, feet, fingers, and toes become notably cooler. Due to this reason nail beds may also look more pale, or bluish. Coolness into tips of the fingers and the toes are major kidney failure death symptoms.

Increasing physical weakness

Due to kidney failure patient are not able to intake food and lead less energy. Lack of energy is shifting him in bed. Due to physical weakness patient become die and it is another kidney failure death symptoms.

Breathing change

Breathing change is one of the major kidney failure death symptoms. Due to accumulation of acids in the blood, it causes change in breathing. Breathe rate become so faster and shallower. Generally breathing is not uncomfortable. But patient feel uncomfortable breathing, when fluid becomes build up in the lungs. It causes of shortness of breath.

Muscle changes

Muscle becomes twitching, tremor or seizures when mineral are building up into blood. When seizures are occur, medication can be given to control this problems. Patient can feel comfort by general massage when muscle twitching or spasms occur.

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