Liver congestion causes, symptoms, treatment- congested liver

Liver congestion is usually occurring by a defective lifestyle and by eating all sorts’ things that are high in toxin and chemical. Liver is one of the largest organs in our body. It is situated under the ribcage but normally extend to left side at the top. The main function of liver is to remove toxic chemical from the blood. The liver become highly effected when it come contract with chemical and metal poisoning. Liver congestion is occurring when live become overloaded and unable to detoxify the body system.

What is congested liver?

Live is one of the major organs in our body and it also most hard working organ than other. The main reasons that are related to any liver disease are tiredness. The major function of liver is eliminating toxic substance from the body. When the liver becomes overloaded with many work or other work then it face problems to clean toxic element from our body, which result is liver congestion or congested liver.

Congested liver: Root causes of many disease

More and more people experience from allergies, fatigue, chronic indigestion, vascular disease, neck and back tension, muscular pain, pulsating headaches, menstrual problems, nervous system disorders, spasms, dizziness, cramps, insomnia and emotional problems like depression, anger, moodiness, frustration, to mention a few. Normally a sluggish or congested live is a vital contributing factor to those disease and symptoms. Usually a weak liver can weaken the kidneys and also contribute to digestive problems like spleen, stomach and pancreas. It also influences vitamin B12 and iron absorption adversely. The liver is possibly the most congested organ in modern person. Normally too much stress, late heavy heals rich and greasy foods, eggs, dairy, oils, alcohol, chemicals, fat, meat, intoxicants, and some denatured food all are interfere with the several biochemical process of the liver. Normally the lead to the liver becoming overheated and stagnant that affect the energy flow and leading to many emotional and physical problems.

We know that the liver also purifies the blood. But if the liver becomes inactive, then the blood purification can be inadequate and leading several problems like the release of toxin substance through the skin. Normally impure blood can causes acne, allergies, acidosis, eczema and other skin disease. In addition, the toxic blood feeds all degenerative condition like arthritis and cancer. Also the menstrual cycle of the women can affected if the storage of blood wastes that can lead to an irregular, overabundant, lacking or scat menses. Another symptom of such a liver deficiency may lead anemia and general bodily dryness.

When liver become consistently inactive, sediment often settles out bile and forms accumulation which resembles sand or stone in the gallbladder. The gallbladder, normally a reservoir of bile, becomes less capable when clogged with sediment.

Liver congestion

Liver congestion

Causes of liver congestion or congested liver

The major causes of liver congestion or congested liver are including:

Liver incapability

The first cause is when the liver is incapable to detoxify the waste product in proper way. When there is an elevated intake or excess present of toxic into the blood, the liver cannot able to perform it function properly and liver congestion occur.

Reduce bile supply

Live bile reduces or stopped is another cause of liver congestion or congested liver. The reduced bile supply can be result of stone or any other medical condition. In this situation the toxic level and waste product become increase into the blood and result body environment become contaminated. It might be result in liver congestion or congested liver.

Excess carbohydrate in diet

Another major cause that may also lead to liver congestion or congested liver is the presence of elevated level of carbohydrate diet. Liver is normally responsible for the carbohydrate metabolism and it also maintains the normal glucose level into the blood. When the blood glucose level becomes low, then the liver are break down the glycogen to serve energy for the body. But when the blood glucose level become increase then this may be hinder the appropriate functioning of the liver and cause the liver congestion or congested liver.


Another major cause of liver congestion is occurring due to jaundice. If you think that you may be suffering from congested liver, then you must perform some test to identify before the situation become badly. There are some series of test by which you can determine the exact causes and whether you suffering from congested liver.

Sign of congested liver

The major sign of liver congestion are including:

Skin irritation

Skin irritation is one of the major sign of liver congestion or congested liver. It cannot filter toxin properly when liver become congested. Then the body’s natural option to move out through the secondary organ of removal likes skin.


In Chinese medicine the liver is normally known to be the organ for the dispersing the frustration, anxiety and anger. But when the liver congestion or congested liver occur, the emotion is flare upward.

Symbiosis of the internal terrain

It is one of the sigh of liver congestion or congested liver. When the acidic waste become break up, the pH of the inner terrain shift into the acidic range, robbing blood of the oxygen

Lack of focus

Excess level of ammonia is normally backed up and become rise into the head when the liver congestion or congested liver occur and create a lack of focus.

Food and environmental sensitivity

The live is act as a filter for the food and also environmental debris. When the liver congestion or congested liver occur, the toxic agent are not leaving from the body efficiently. Then the immune system become triggered; as a result increase in sensitivity.

High histamine level

It is another sign of liver congestion or congested liver. The liver is normally breakdown the excess histamine by its enzymatic process. If these enzymatic detoxification processes become sluggish, the histamine level becomes high in blood.

Reduce in absorption of nutrient

Nutrient absorption is normally depending up to healthy pH. When the liver congestion or congested liver create an interior terrain, then the occur decrease the absorption of nutrient.

Hormone imbalance

It is another critical sign of congested liver. Normally the liver can produce and also regulated the several kinds of hormone. When the liver cannot work properly the hormone level become imbalance.

Symptoms of congested liver

The major symptoms of congested liver are including:

  1. Feeling tired during walk up.
  2. U cannot able to do exercise or hard work through long period.
  3. Tiredness becomes worse after meal.
  4. Energy level becomes low.
  5. Bad breath, bloating, digestive problems, and also gas problems.
  6. Frequent headaches.
  7. Intolerances and allergies to food that move to worse as time go on.
  8. High reactions too many chemical like petrol, perfume, paint, cleaning product etc.
  9. Problems to digestion of oily food, fatty or creamy foods.
  10. Nausea or May causes heart burn.
  11. Reaction to some drug like, anti histamine, headache tablet, and antibiotics.
  12. Intolerance to alcohol.
  13. Caffeine can keep you awake for long hours are also give you strong buzz.
  14. A funny smell is found in urine when you eat asparagus.
  15. Some skin problems are visible like general rashes, itchy skin, eczema, acne etc.
  16. Heart palpitations.

Symptoms of liver congestion

The symptoms of liver congestion including:

  1. Ulcers.
  2. Digestive problems.
  3. Hiatus hernia.
  4. Too much sleep.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Vomiting.
  7. Colitis, spastic colon.
  8. Pain in the right side of the abdomen.
  9. Headaches.
  10. Bitter taste into the mouth.
  11. Hemorrhoids.
  12. Mineral deficiency.
  13. Hormonal imbalance due to liver inflammation.
  14. Malfunctioning of ovaries.
  15. Anemia.
  16. Infection on skin.
  17. Worms.
  18. Chills.
  19. Anal itching.
  20. Diabetes.
  21. Obesity.
  22. Underweight.
  23. Appendicitis.
  24. Heart palpitations.
  25. High cholesterol.
  26. Stiff aching muscle.
  27. Migraine headaches and discomfort under right ribcage.
  28. Food allergies and irritable, and become easily angered.
  29. Wight around the abdomen.
  30. Yellow palms.
  31. jaundice.
  32. Poor concentration.
  33. Difficulty losing weight.
  34. Boils.

Some external sign of liver congestion

Some extreme sign of liver congestion are given below:

  1. Reddish blue coloring visible under the eyes and also over the forehead.
  2. Normally two vertical lines seen between the eyebrows.
  3. White eyes become yellowish.
  4. Red nose.
  5. A yellow color of skin.
  6. Dark insufficient urine.
  7. Skin look or seems to dirty.
  8. Dark spot are seen into face.
  9. Neck or shoulder pain.
  10. Low back pain.
  11. Dry or oily skin.
  12. Itchy eyes.
  13. Pain on the arm.
  14. Muscle pain after working.
  15. heartburn.
  16. Pain between the shoulders.
  17. Frequent urination.
  18. Ear problems.
  19. Swollen the leg.
  20. Arthritis.

Treatment of congested liver

The best way for the get rid of liver congestion in to be follow a liver cleansing process or also a liver detoxification process. For liver cleansing a number of natural therapies is available. Tomato juice, apple juice is very much helpful for liver detoxification. Massaging of castor oil also helpful for liver detoxification and it came back to your liver in its normal function.

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  • I have a rare liver disease which makes my liver very congested I feel ill every day and depression very bad too . Has anyone else feel the same feel so alone as its so rare can’t be treated.

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