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Liver detox does not refer to alcohol or drug or even colon cleansing or juice fasting as you might think. Liver detox means to the science of how the body rids itself of waste product. It is a metabolic process and involving liver detoxification enzyme. Those detoxification enzyme systems can convert toxic substance to non toxic substance. These substances are water soluble and can be eliminate from the body through the stool, sweat and urine.

What is liver detoxification?

Liver detoxification is a process by which liver can eliminate the toxic agent by using enzyme. Some food will also act as an important rule for liver detoxification. Because the live is body’s major part for detoxification activity, the initial focus of a liver detox is stimulating the liver enzyme system that is very much important for liver detoxification. However the gastrointestinal tract are also major organ for reduce toxic level. Most liver detox protocol also strengthen intestinal mucosa integrity and also important for liver detoxification.

Goal of a liver detox

  1. Liver detox main goal is to increase the intake of specific nutrient such as antioxidants, nutrient, minerals and vitamin.
  2. Required for liver detoxification related biochemical process.
  3. Another goal of liver detox is to minimize ingested toxins, allergens and also chemical to reduce exposure.
  4. Another purpose of liver detox is to make easier for eliminate waste and harmful compound form the body.
  5. By increasing the bowel movement and the bile flow for rapid elimination of toxin and waste product from body.
  6. The purpose of liver detox in to minimize the toxic exposure.
  7. By intake some fruits and vegetable that increases the excretion of toxic element.

Liver detox diet

Liver detox diet or food that is very much important for liver detoxification. Here we will describe about some food that act as liver detox.


Whole grains

Grain including brown rice contain B-complex vitamin. This nutrient is very much important for the improvement of fat metabolization, liver decongestion and also liver function. These is act like liver detox.


Lemon and limes

Lemon and limes are citrus fruits that contain high amount of vitamin C. vitamin C in important for the synthesizing of toxic agent into the substance that can be absorb by the water. Freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice drinking every morning helps to improve liver function and liver detoxification.


Much like cauliflower and broccoli, eating cabbage that helps to enhance the activation of major two crucial liver detoxification enzymes will ultimately help to eliminate the toxic product. You must try to eat more cabbage soup, coleslaw and kamahi that act as liver detox.


Turmeric can stimulate liver detox by the assisting enzyme that play important rule for eliminate toxic product and liver detoxification.

Olive oil

Olive oil mixed with some fruit juice in order to improve the liver activity and act as liver detox . It has healthy properties that help to decrease the fat and detox the body also.


Beet root has high level with plant pigment and that have liver-supporting abilities and antioxidant. Half cup of beetroot juice that act as liver detoxification.


Walnuts are high in omega- fatty acids and glutathione, which help to support for liver cleansing process. It may also very much important for liver detoxification.


You must add large amount of avocados in your diet because it help your body to produce a types of antioxidant that called glutathione. This glutathione is very much important for elimination toxic agent from body and liver detoxification.


Zinc is very important element for many enzymatic reactions in body. Banana contains a lot of zinc. Zinc is very much needed the liver enzyme, dehydrogenises enzyme that is require for the breakdown of alcohol. It reduces the toxic level in the body and act as liver detox.


It is a essential amino acid. Methionine is a vital substance that involved in liver detoxification process. It is mainly form a component that called glutathione, which is an important antioxidant. This is protecting the live and also other cell from damage.


Garlic is very much necessary for stimulating liver enzyme. Liver enzyme is required for the liver cleansing and remove toxic element from the body.


You must drink a lot of water, herbal tea and tea that is very much needed for the flow of nutrient. It also helps to eliminate the elements that are toxic for our body. Not enough drinking water increases the risk of gallstone formation.


Avoid for liver detoxification

Some food must avoid for the help of liver detoxification process including:


We must avoid alcohol because it has a very toxic affect into liver and that will undo all of hard liver detox work. It is responsible for fatty liver and also contributes other liver disease. You must avoid alcohol for keep liver healthy. T also make affect on liver detoxification process.

Caffeinated beverage

Caffeinated beverage make dehydration on our body and it also make the live work overtime than the normal due to drink caffeine. Is also affect on liver detoxification process. Liver detox system cannot work properly due to caffeine intake.

Sweets, chocolates, and candies

Sweets, chocolates, and candies are not good for the liver. Because excess sugar that will causes more stress on your liver and that will affect on liver cleansing process. You must try to avoid this food. Those foods also make problems to eliminate the toxic agent from the body and liver detox process.


Overloading of your digestive system that will leads to tings moving sluggishly. This can also lead to a toxin accumulation. Full loading digestive system cannot able to detox our body. You must eat freshly food and high fiber food for stimulating the liver detox system.

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