Liver location

The liver is large and meaty organ in human body. Liver location is on the right side of the belly and its weight approximately 3 pound. The color of liver is reddish-brown and its feel rubbery when we touch. Normally liver is protected by rib cage, so that we cannot feel the liver. Right lobes and the left lobes are the two large section of liver. Gallbladder is situated under the liver. The liver and those organs always work together for digest food.

The main function of liver in to filter the blood those coming from the digestive tract. Other major function of liver is detoxification of chemical and metabolize drug into body. Another properties of liver is make protein which important for blood clotting.

liver location in the body

liver location in the body

Exact liver location

Liver is most vital organ in human body. Without is it is impossible to survive and its function is so much important for body. Liver location is within the diaphragm in the upper right side in the abdomen. Liver location is below the heart and upper side of the stomach and the gall bladder. Producing bile is major function of liver.


Where is liver located?

Normally liver location is in the abdominal cavity. The abdomen is the gap that is lies between the pelvic region and the chest. Liver location is just beneath the diaphragm that in the upper right side of the abdomen. Normally liver have mainly three surfaces. Superior, posterior and inferior are three surface of liver.


Detect liver location in body

To detect liver location in body you not need to be a liver specialist or a doctor. If you have little knowledge about human body, then you can easily find out the liver location in the body.


Take deep look into body for liver location

If you want to detect liver location into body then first you need to know about the organogenesis on your body. Having a clear idea about human organogenesis, which helps you to detect liver location in the body

  1. It is clear that liver is an internal organ of the human body. It is not easy to find our location of the liver from outside.
  2. Normally liver location is on the right side of the abdomen.
  3. Normally liver is surrounded by the cheat bone.
  4. Normally live is live on the bottom part of the chest.


Liver location detect externally

There is a process by which you can detect the location of liver externally. It not exact process to detect liver location into body but it is an approximate measurement. You do not need to know about anatomy theorem of the human body to detect liver location and it is most easy process. You have to follow some steps to find out liver location:

  1. Stand up straightly at first and then keep your vertebra straight.
  2. After then put your right hand on the exact right back part of your chest.
  3. Then put your left hand on the exact right front part of your chest, after then you have to ensure that your heft and hand are keep on the straight alignment.
  4. Finally where your left hand positioned, this is the location of liver in your body.

Detect liver location by apply human anatomy knowledge

You can apply your human anatomy knowledge to detect location of liver into human body. It is help you to find out exact liver location. If you have little knowledge about human anatomy, then it will so easy to detect liver location.

  1. Normally liver is located near the abdominal in human body.
  2. Liver is located at the right side of the stomach and it is lies into the gallbladder.

Detect location of the liver on the basis of heart

If you measure the liver location on the basis of your heart, then it will very easy to detect exact location of liver.

  1. Normally heart is located on the left side of your heart and generally live is situated on the right side of the heart.
  2. Normally liver is located approximately 20 cm from the heart.


Liver location

Liver location

Liver location on the basis of intestine

Generally liver is located near from the intestine. It also so much easy process to detect liver location against the intestine of your body.

  1. Normally liver is situated just above the intestine in the body.
  2. Normally liver location is approximately 4 cm above from the large intestine and 9 cm above from the small intestine.

Liver location against the stomach

You can also detect liver location by compare the position of stomach of your body. It is also so easy process to find out liver.

  1. The liver is located on the right side of the stomach in your body.

Liver location is just below the lung

It will be so easy to find liver location in your body if you know about the position of lung ion your body.

  1. Liver location is just below of the left part of kung
  2. Those are normally separated by the diaphragm membrane.

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