Liver Pain – Location, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Liver pain can be so hard to localized identify because pain from the abdominal organs such as liver, is often realized in a vague and ill-defined way by the brain. Liver pain receptors primarily lie on its surface, mainly in the capsule covering portion of the liver. It is meaning that pressure into the capsule is the major source of liver pain. Liver pain is usually felt into the upper right portion of the abdomen. Most of the time liver pain is felt under the rib cage and almost it is associated with an enlargement or swelling of the liver, chronic or acute inflammation of liver or other sort of injury into the liver.

What is liver pain?

Now a day liver pain is one of the major problems and it may causes due to liver disorder. A number of disorder may causes liver pain and it originate in the liver itself including fatty liver disease, liver inflammation, chronic hepatitis, fatty liver disease, liver cancer and liver abscess. Other condition also can produce liver pain by buildup fluid into the abdomen, stomach inflammation, gallstone, enlarged spleen, liver cysts and Wilson’s disease.

Liver pain location

Liver pain clinically known as hepatalgia, and this pain is normally felt into the upper right side of the abdomen and just beneath the rib cage. Liver pain is often perceived as the vague and dull pain but the pain can turn into sharp and severe and can occur with back ache. The pain into the liver occurs when pressure is exerted on the liver pain receptor which lies on the capsule that covers the organ. The liver pain can often confuse with the generalized abdominal pain kidney pain or back ache. The liver pain may also occur due to the formation of the gall stone or abdominal disorder and intestinal pain or pancreatitis. The liver pain may be perceived as the pain into the right shoulder. Medical help must need due to acute liver pain.

What causes liver pain?

Abdominal pain if you feel it in the area of liver can be caused due to liver problems or liver disorder. Other sources of pain in this area are including gallstone, liver cysts and intestinal disorder. However if the pain is related to the liver, then it may be caused due to inflammation of liver or either sudden inflammation or acute longstanding condition. Liver pain also may causes due to liver abscess or swelling, cirrhosis, liver scarring, liver fibrosis or the distention of the abdomen. Excessive drinking of alcohol is another major cause of liver pain.

Common causes of liver pain

The common causes of liver pain are including:

Primary liver cancer

It is one of the major causes of liver pain. This condition may cause when liver cells are grow abnormally into the liver. This type of liver disease is only detectable when it has reached into advanced stages. People can avoid developing these types of liver disease by preventing the hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. The symptoms of primary liver cancer are including enlargement of liver that causes liver pain, weight loss, and loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weakness, upper abdominal pain, fatigue, white eye and skin discoloration. Chemotherapy, liver transplant, cryosurgery, radiofrequency ablation, pure alcohol injection into tumors and radiation therapy are major treatment option for primary liver cancer.

Liver cirrhosis

It is another major cause of liver pain. Liver cirrhosis is also called dreaded alcoholic liver disease. The symptoms are including abdominal pain, cola-colored urine, easy bruising, and exhaustion, gallstones, bleeding in the intestines, nausea, itchy feet and liver failure. The treatment of liver cirrhosis involves managing the signs and complications. Normally the causes may also be treated to stop the further ailing. You have to reduce smoking and drinking alcohol to avoid this disease. Liver transplant is one of the major treatment options for liver cirrhosis.

Enlarged spleen

The infection into spleen and excessive workload into the filtering capacity of the spleen may cause the spleen to become enlarges. This condition is one of the major causes of liver pain. This puts pressure on its surrounding and also can infect the liver. The pain may felt into the abdominal region due to enlarged spleen.

Fatty liver disease

This condition is usually caused due to excessive accumulation of fats within the liver cells. Sometime poor diet may causes fatty liver disease. In this condition the liver gets enlarged and the liver tissues may no longer perform their function better. Normally alcohol abuse may also increase the fat synthesis into the liver cells while toxins, infection and obesity are the common causes of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. The victims of fatty liver disease usually have pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, diabetes and triglycerides. Other causes are including:

  1. Medications
  2. Inherited or autoimmune liver disease
  3. Malnutrition
  4. Rapid weight loss
  5. Viral hepatitis

The major signs of fatty liver disease including weakness, fatigue, nausea, liver failure, jaundice, loss of appetite, weight loss, and cola colored urine and white eyes. Doctor may recommend to eating balance diets, increasing physical activity and daily exercise. Doctor also suggest to Staying away from the unnecessary medication. Liver transplantation is recommended in several cases.

Liver cysts

Liver cysts are an abdominal round shape buildup of fluid that can form within the liver. The accurate causes of liver cysts are still not clearly known. This condition poses no any health risks. If the liver cysts grow without detection, then they causes discomfort and the pain into the abdominal upper right side, enlargement of liver and infection of liver duct. The treatment of liver cysts is including use of nutritional medication to reduce liver cysts. The liver cysts should be removed in several cases.

Acetaminophen toxicity

Normally when body is induced with the excess acetaminophen, then it can lead to liver damage. It is one of the major causes of liver pain. Then Acetaminophen is a substance that contained wide range of medication like allergy capsules, headache capsules, as well as sinus capsules. Dark urine, abdominal tenderness, skin yellowing, whitening of the eyes, itchy skin and liver pain is major symptoms.

Alcoholic liver disease

This condition is also referred to liver cirrhosis and it is another common cause of liver pain. This condition mainly occur or develop when a person intake excess alcohol over a year. The sign of alcoholic liver disease including jaundice, abdominal tenderness and pain, loss of appetite, nausea, fever, weight gain, excessive thirst and fatigue. Other symptoms including the

Development of breasts in males, dark black or the bloody bowel movement, paleness, hallucinations, concentration difficulties and sluggish movement. Doctor always recommends avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol to reduce alcoholic liver disease and liver cirrhosis. Sometime nutrition therapy is also prescribed. The foods rich in calories, protein and carbohydrates are so much essential. Sometime doctor prescribe vitamin supplement for liver cirrhosis.

Liver fibrosis

It is one of the major causes of liver pain. Liver fibrosis is the final stage of alcoholic liver disease and this condition is normally characterized by the formation of fibrous tissues and fibroids formation, liver scaring and also regenerative nodules. On the other hand blood circulation is normally impeded leading to progressive the liver disease. Abdominal pain, weight loss, itchy feet and hands, loss of appetite, exhaustion, weakness, legs and feet swelling, jaundice, dark colored urine and spider like blood vessels are major sign and symptoms of liver fibrosis.

The treatment of liver fibrosis including:

  1. Stop alcohol consumption.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Avoid recreational drugs.
  5. Consume foods low in fat.
  6. Eat healthy meals.


This condition is simply the inflammation of the liver and then causing damage to the liver cell. Hepatitis is another common cause of liver pain. Normally the chronic infection of the hepatitis can increase the chance to developing liver cancer and liver pain. The major sign including fever, jaundice, enlarged liver, live pain, diarrhea, dark urine, vomiting, general achiness and mild fever. Normally the treatments depend on the stage of the hepatitis and sometime doctor recommend drug therapy to reduce hepatitis infection.

Wilson’s disease

In this condition too much copper is got accumulate or deposit into the liver. These excess copper deposits into the liver can thus lead to hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. These conditions also may contribute to perform liver pain.

Symptoms of liver pain

The major symptoms of liver pain including:

1.    Color of the skin and eyes gets yellow.
2.    Sharp and stabbing pain.
3.    Excessive sweating.
4.    Strong body odor.
5.    Bad breath.
6.    Palms and sole become red accompanied by itching and inflammation.
7.    Loss of appetite.
8.    Joint pain.
9.    Weight loss.
10.    Abdominal bloating.
11.    Nausea and vomiting.
12.    Dark colored urine.
13.    Swelling of testicles.
14.    High fever.
15.    Rapid heart rate.
16.    Jaundice.
17.    Vomiting.
18.    Enlarged liver.
19.    Diarrhea.
20.    General achiness.

Diagnosis of liver pain

The liver pain can be triggered by several multiple conditions and the treatment of liver pain also depends on the condition of pain of causes of liver pain. Certain clinical test can help to detect liver pain including:

Urine and blood test

Urine test is one of the major diagnostic tools to detect liver pain. Sometime blood may found into urine and that indicates the presence of liver infection. Blood test is another clinical test to detect liver pain. Sometime live cell or liver enzyme also found into blood that indicates liver inflammation.

CT scan

In this technique the live picture of intestine and liver can be view by using this technique. A special compute is use to monitor the views of liver.

Liver biopsy

Liver biopsy is a technique by which a special needle may use to cut a small piece of liver on the side of inflammation. Then the tissues are observed under the microscope to detect the presence of liver inflammation. It is very important diagnostic tools to detect liver inflammation.

Endoscopy and ultrasound scans

Endoscopy and ultrasound scans technique are also use to detect liver cirrhosis and liver pain. By endoscopy technique a special camera is entered into intestine and view the live photo of liver and other internal organ.

Liver enzyme test

When liver become inflamed then excess liver enzymes are present into blood. Liver enzyme test is another technique to detect liver pain and liver inflammation. Excess presence of liver enzyme in blood means the liver infection.

Remedies and Treatment for Liver Pain

For some easy symptoms of liver pain, victimisation hot compresses and anti inflammatory medicine square measure higher for the nowadays. Healthy diet plus a daily exercise ought to be practiced daily; one mustn’t indulge into any habit-forming habits as they’ll prolong the liver pain. Antiviral medicine square measure prescribed just in case of virus infection.

Use healthy diet and drink a decent volume of water to produce your body enough solution repletion and still on keep it hydrous. It’s additionally judicious to take care of smart personal hygiene and follow hygienic measures. If patients square measure unable to require food, they’re suggested to remain within the hospital to fill within the loss through latent saline treatment.

To cure liver pain, it’s steered to apply different corrective measures like drinking of an outsized volume of water, intake recent fruits and vegetables, taking axerophthol, B1, and K, and naturally detoxify the body through herbs or supplements.

To prevent liver pain, it’s sensible to not over indulge into alcoholism. Substance abuse will cause serious liver injury. It’s vital to require physician’s recommendation and use medicine solely once consultation.

Patients with liver disease and any acute liver diseases square measure tough to cure. They must apply preventive measures to avoid wrong of the liver. As long as their liver is functioning, they still have a much better probability of survival. Therefore, they must pay attention themselves.

Acute liver disease has no specific treatment however preventive measures is practiced like regular vaccination to stop the unfold of liver disease virus, giving patients the proper quantity of healthy food to use, and giving the proper indefinite quantity of drugs that prevents the unwellness to urge worst.

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