Lower back pain left side, right side and stretches

Lower back pain in left side is a common pain and it is normally causes due to injury and lumbar muscle strain. Medication can help to erase this pain. Lower back pain in left side is particularly inescapable phenomenon. More than sixty percent of adult people will suffer an episode of severe low back pain in left side. Lower back pain in right side is also common like lower back pain in left side.

Lower back pain in left side symptoms are including dull pain or aching pain often punctuated by rapid period increase in intensity. This pain may travel down into the hip and also in the leg. There are various causes and some factor that contribute to lower back in left side. Patient are often frustrate because the clear symptoms or exact causes of this pain cannot be indentify during blood test, X-ray or even more modern medical technique like MRI and Ct scan. Sometime doctor also fall in puzzle that what are the exact causes of low back pain in left side.

Characteristics of low back pain on right side

There are different Characteristics of low back pain on right side. Pain can be different in location, timing, intensity and types. A characteristic of low back pain on right side is depending on some stands like:

  1. Location.
  2. Character
  3. Aggravating and Alleviating Factors.
  4. Environment.
  5. Timing.
  6. Severity.


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The character section of scale is consist of determine the types of pain like dull or sharp or burning. The timing of lower back pain is also very important. The length of the pain time is determined if the pain is acute or chronic. Acute pain is normally last for long time. On the other hand chronic pain is last for long time.

Causes of lower back pain on left side

A variety of problems those are responsible for lower back pain in left side. Among them most common causes that may effect on lower back side. Lower back strain, pregnancy, kidney infection and kidney stone are mainly responsible for lower back pain in left side.

Lower back strain

A group of ligament and muscle run the length of the spine and also provide the support and movement on the spinal column. Too far stretching and overdoing a physical work or activity can strain these tissues. Sometime small tears can even occur during tissue causing further pain in back. Back side strain can also be occurring due to excessive exercise or overloading work. Obesity and also lack of core body strain can contribute to low back pain on left side. Many describe that this lower back pain on left side strain as stiffness and soreness and that can be worsen with the sneezing, coughing and movement.

The treatment of lower back strain is done by applying ice for twenty minutes and several times in a day. Anti inflammatory medication like Tylenol naproxen and ibuprofen is apply for lower back pain relief. These anti inflammatory drugs must intake with food and you must follow those package instructions for relief from lower back pain in left side. You can also visit with an physical therapist, who suggest you perform several exercise that is very helpful for lower back pain.


During pregnancy low back pain in left or right side is common and it is normally occur in left side. When the baby grows into the uterus, the uterus can compress pain the pin sensitive structure. It is not uncommon for the pregnant patient to complain about pain moving down the buttock and the leg because of compression of sciatic nerve. During pregnancy the hormonal change occurs and result in softening of the ligament and this also create the additional strain into the pelvic and back ligament. The excess weight due to growing baby and mother serve to complex these problems.

You must follow these helpful tips to minimize the effect of lower back pain on back side during pregnancy period. Firstly you must work to maintain good shape or posture. This may help you strengthen the core muscle and also keep the center of the gravity. Then change your position frequently and you must strand with weight balance on the feet. You must avoid high heel shoes and wearing shoes those are low heels. You must add a pillow between two knees that help you proper alignment for minimize strain on the low back side. You also maintain some physical activities during pregnancy period. Some physical therapies that also help to relief low back pain on left side during pregnancy.

Kidney infection

Kidney injection is one of the major causes of lower back pain on left side. Kidney infection may cause serious back pain. The infection is normally start into the bladder and then it move into the kidneys and creating pain, inflammation and swelling. Nausea and fever can grow during kidney infection. This pain May dull or severe and this pain located into the right flank area and above the hip. This pain is worse with the movement.

Antibiotics treatment is require when kidneys is infected. Sometime hospitalization must needed the infection reach on severe states. Sometime kidney infection is reoccurring and also become chronic. This infection is usually the result of an anatomic problem on the urinary tract. You must treated kidney inflammation for avoid low back pain on left side.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone is another cause of low back pain on right side. Kidney stone is usually called childbirth for men. The pain of kidney stone is so severe. This pain may rotate around the flank region into the lower side of abdomen and also down to the groin. Blood may appear into the urine as a consequence for the stone is moving in the urinary tract.

Control of pain is the first priority of kidney stone treatment. A combination of narcotic pain medicine and anti inflammatory medication is requiring for kidney stone. Avoiding dehydration and drinking of lots of water can help to pass the kidney stone and also prevent to new one formation. But large kidney stone may get caught up and some medical procedure is requiring that help to pass the stone. Medical specialist will give diction the best way of treatment. Sometime clinical surgery is required to remove kidney stone. This stone is mainly cause’s low back pain left side. Sometime sound wave or laser is use to break up the stone on small pieces to passes frequently.

Other common causes of low back pain on right side

Here some common causes that are responsible for low back pain on right side including:

  1. Injury.
  2. Lumbar Strain.
  3. pregnancy.
  4. Breathing Pain.
  5. Muscle Imbalance.
  6. Herniated Disc.
  7. Sciatic Nerve Compression.
  8. Osteoporosis.
  9. Spondylolysis.
  10. Kidney Stones.
  11. Kidney Infection.
  12. Poor Posture.
  13. Poor Form during Exercise.
  14. Heavy Lifting.
  15. Fibromyalgia.
  16. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.
  17. Quadrates Labarum Trigger Points.
  18. Caudal Equine Syndrome.

Low back pain stretches

Lower back pain may quite painful and also debilitating to daily routine. Three low back pains stretches act as both relief and also prevention of back pain.

Cat-Cow Stretch

This Cat-Cow Stretch is way to worm up your spine and loosening tension into your lower back.


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How to do:

  1. At first keep your knees and hands on the floor. Observe that your knees are under your hip.
  2. Then begin in a neutral spine position.
  3. As inhale arch your back and then lift your head and tailbone. This stretch is known as cow.
  4. This is low back pain stretches.

Knee-to-Chest Stretch


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How to do:

  1. At first lie on your back with your legs extended.
  2. Gently bend right knee in your chest.
  3. Then clasp your hands in front your shin then gently pull down for increase the stretch.
  4. Then keep your left leg to relax into a comfortable position.
  5. Hold this exercise for 30 second.

Seated Spinal Twist


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How to do:

  1. Begin sitting on your mat along with your legs extended ahead of you.
  2. Keep your left leg extended and bend your right knee and cross your right foot over your left knee. Plant it on the ground therefore your right articulation plane is next to your left knee.
  3. Reach your right arm behind you and place your palm on the ground. Then bend your left elbow and cross it over the outer aspect of your right knee. Keep your elbow bent, engrossing your thigh for stability.
  4. Continue to pressing your left arm into your right knee, and use every inhale to elongate the spine and every exhale to rotate additional to the proper.
  5. Keep here for 5 or additional breaths. Then unharness the twist, straighten your legs come in front of you, and do that cause along with your left knee inform up. This is low back pain stretches.

Prevention of low back pain on left side

Proper treatment and medication must require preventing low back pain in left side. You must maintain sleeping position and use pillow between your legs during sleeping. Regular exercise is also essential to prevent back pain. If you have smoking habit then you must avoid it. Stopping smoking has been decrease the chance of lower back pain in left side. You also avoid high heel shoes that also responsible for low back pain in left side. If kidney infection is seen into kidneys then you must take anti inflammatory medicine to prevent back pain. You must maintain proper posture while you sitting.

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