Lower back pain relief- Causes, Exercises & Treatment

Lower back pain relief can be possible by several physical exercise and also medical treatment. Low back pain relief is also possible by physical therapy, surgery and Chiropractic treatment. There are millions of people in the world who suffer from lower back pain. There are often not surefire treatments for lower back pain relief. The true is that managing of lower back pain is more superior to the treatment of lower back pain or lower back pain relief. Physical exercise is usually more focus for lower back pain relief. However some medical treatment is also available for lower back pain treatment.

Low back pain relief

Low back pain can occur due to trauma, stress, injury or several many other reasons. Other facts like age, body fitness are also responsible for low back pain. Some therapeutic treatments are available for low back pain relief. Low back pains are also be sign of many other serious problems including herniated disc or osteoporosis. Stress, obesity, poor sleeping, smoking, poor posture can also contribute on lower back pain. For low back pain relief, you must avoid this bad habit.

Lower back pain causes

The major lower back pain causes are including:

Muscle or ligament strain

It is one of the major low back pain causes. Sudden movement or accident may strain into spinal ligament and back side muscle. If you have poor physical condition or if you are not physically fit, then you have highly risk to painful muscle spasm.

Bulging or ruptured disks

Normally disks act as a cushion between the individual bones (especially vertebrate) in your spine. Sometime some soft material are added into the chair or bed that also low back pain causes. You must remove the bulging or soft material from your desk to remove low back pain.


It is another low back pain causes. Osteoarthritis can also affect the lower back. In several cases arthritis into the spine can also lead to a narrowing the space around the spinal cord. This condition is referred to as spinal stenosis.

Skeletal irregularities

Normally low back pain may occur if your spine curves in an irregular ways. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which spine curves to the side. This condition also may cause low back pain. But normally low back pain occurs if the scoliosis is quite severe. It is another low back pain causes.


In vertebrate fracture is normally occurring by a lot of forces. Usually it is caused by bicycle accident, compressing the spine or direct blow to the spine. This fracture is another cause of lower back pain.

Spinal tumors

Spinal tumors are less important low back pain causes. Normally spinal tumor is growing into the ligament of spine and bone or it can also happen on nerve roots. Sometime these tumors also contribute to initiate lower back pain.

Bacterial infection

It is another less important low back pain causes. Bacteria in normally reach into spine through the bloodstream. Sometime you may feel low back pain due to infection in the spinal discs, in the bone or into the spinal cord. The infection may enter into the spine from:

  1. If the infection occur somewhere into the body.
  2. If you use intravenous drug.
  3. Injection or surgery treatment.
  4. Or due to any injury.


It is another important fact of low back pain causes. Normally after over 60 age have high risk for low back pain. Adult people are more likely suffer from low back pain than younger.

Some medical problems

Some medical problems like stomach problems, gallbladder disease or kidney disease are also responsible for low back pain causes. When the pain is felt at place into the body different formthe disease or injury, this is called referred pain.

Lumbar strain

Lumber strain means injury in the tendons, ligament, or the muscle of the low back side. Normally lumbar strain is considered as one of the major causes of low back pain. Those injuries can occur due to improper use, overuse or trauma. These soft tissue injuries are classified into two classes. If the injury is present for several days or weak, then it is called acute injury. On other hand if the injury is last during long period, then it is called chronic injury. Normally lumber strain most often occur in the people over 40 years, but it can also occur at any age. This condition is characterized by discomfort on the low back side. The severity of this injury ranges from mild to severe, that depending on degree of stress and the rate of spasm on the lower back side. Physical therapy is often suggested for the low back pain relief.

Bone and joint condition

Another cause of lower back pain is depending on bone and joint condition. This condition also lead to lower back pain includes those conditions existing from birth, injury, arthritis or inflammation of the joint etc. physical exercise are usually recommended for the lower back pain relief.

Kidney problems

Kidney infection, hematoma or traumatic bleeding into kidneys, kidney stone, and those conditions also responsible for lower back pain causes. You can diagnosis this condition by urine analysis, ultrasound, sound wave test or imaging studies into abdomen. Antibiotics treatments are recommended for the lower back pain relief.


Pregnancy is another major lower back pain causes. Pregnancy is usually lead to lower back pain by the changing the normal lumber curvature and also by the positioning of the baby inside the abdomen. On the other hand the effect of female hormone like estrogen and also the relaxin hormone that are responsible for ligament loosing are contribute on lower back pain. Stretches and pelvic tilt exercise is often recommended for the lower back pain relief. Natural labors are also causes lower back pain.

Ovary problems

Ovary problems like uterine fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts are the major causes of lower back pain. Some hormonal medicines are usually suggested for this lower back pain relief.


Lower back pain can also be causes because of tumor even malignant or benign. These are normally originated into the bone of the pelvic or the spine and also spinal cord. These can spread from there originate area are called metastatic tumor. Loss of muscle and nerve function or severe pain is the major symptoms. These tumor can be detected by using several technique including MRI, nuclear bone scanning, CAT, imaging test, X-ray etc.

Uncommon lower back pain causes

Paget disease of bone

Bone becomes abnormally weekend due to Paget disease and also cause localized bone pain without any symptoms. Over the age of fifty, this disease is commonly seen. Certain unusual virus and also heredity are responsible for this disease. Paget disease is diagnosis by X-ray method. Bone biopsy is sometime necessary to ensure this disease. Bone scanning is also very helpful for diagnosis this disease.   Some medical treatments are recommended for the lower back pain relief.

Bleeding or infection into the pelvic

Bleeding or infection into the pelvic is another cause of lower back pain. In this patient rapid onset pain is the major symptoms. Infection in the pelvic can be complication of some other condition like pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis etc. this condition is also associate with lowering blood pressure and also fever etc.

Immediate Lower Back Pain Relief

Four things you can do for the immediate lower back pain relief. This is my personal exercise. If you properly follow these exercises, hope it will helpful for your low back pain relief.

Egoscue Method

This method is so much helpful for lower back pain relief. This exercise method is so much simple. If you have chronic low back pain then you can try this method.

For lower back pain relief

Static back




Duration: approximately for five minutes.

How to do

  1. Firstly lie on your back with both legs bent at the right angel into a block or chair.
  2. Then you can just rest your hands into your stomach.
  3. Then breathe from your stomach. Then let the lower back relax.
  4. Continue for 5-10 minutes.
  5. It is one the best exercise for the immediate lower back pain relief.

Static Extension for immediate lower back pain relief

Duration: one minute.

Pic : 2


How to do it:

  1. Kneel with hands on the floor and positioned under your shoulder.
  2. Let your back and the head relax toward the floor.
  3. Then let your shoulder blades come together and then make sure that there is an arch in your back side.
  4. Then keep the elbow straight but move your hips forward six to eight inches.
  5. This exercise is hold approximately 1-2 minutes.

Supine Groin Stretch

Duration: 10 minutes per side

Pic :3


How to do:

  1. Firstly lie on your back with the one leg resting on a chair and knee beat at 90 degree.
  2. Then while the other leg is extended straight out and then resting on the floor.
  3. You must make sure that both legs are normally aligned with the hips and the shoulder.
  4. Then the foot of the extended leg should propped upright for the preventing it from rolling to one side.
  5. This exercise is last for 10 minute on the other side.
  6. This exercise is so important for immediate lower back pain relief.

Modified Floor Block for immediate lower back pain relief

Duration: approximately 6 minutes.



Pic: four

How to do it:

  1. Firstly lie on your stomach with your forehead into the floor.
  2. Then rest your elbow on books or any block. And so that your hands are in the don’t shoot position.
  3. Then you must sure that your shoulder are level, then breathe deeply and also relax the upper body.
  4. Then let your bodyweight naturally fall on the floor.
  5. Hold approximately six minutes.


Lower back / Thoracic Back

Duration: 30-60 seconds and 2set.


Pic :5

How to do:

  1. First lay down with the foam roller into the middle of your back side. Then gradually roll it down to your butt, then up to your neck.
  2. Then focus on the area that closer to the butt, where the gluteus medias trigger point are the top of the butt.
  3. Then push at the tender areas for 30-55 second
  4. We must keep this exercise daily for immediate lower back pain relief.

Lower back pain symptoms

Some symptoms that are related to lower back pain including:

  1. Muscle ache.
  2. Muscle spasms
  3. Muscle stiffness.
  4. Muscle cramping.
  5. Pain in the back side is major low back pain symptoms.
  6. Pain into the buttock.
  7. Pains that are tend to be achy and also dull.
  8. Difficulties to moving or walking.
  9. Pain that sometime radiates into the buttocks and also back of the thighs.
  10. Tired feeling into the legs.
  11. Pain that usually worsens when you bending backwards.
  12. Pain that is normally worse in the affected area of the spine is major low back pain symptoms.
  13. Tight hamstrings.
  14. Back pain worsened during sitting is another low back pain symptoms.
  15. Weakness.
  16. Local soreness on upon touch.
  17. Typically felt pain on one side of the buttock or into leg only is another low back pain symptom.
  18. Pain that is become worse after long periods of sitting or standing.
  19. Chronic back pain that can range from nagging to the severe.
  20. Changing the positions normally relieves pain.

Lower Back Pain Relief Management

Some lower back pain relief management techniques are given below:


Taking rest but only for short time and it is a technique for low back pain relief. Resting is help to overcome the muscle sore and also relief the lower back pain. Staying into the bed more than one or two days can make you pain worse and also lead to overcome some other problems.

Apply ice and heat

Ice and heat that are use normally for resolve lower back pain. You can get lower back pain relief by applying this technique. It has been scientifically proven that ice and heat can quickly resolve the lower back pain injury. Compresses also heal to relief from lower back pain and inflammation. Patient should use such as bag of ice or cold compress on the side to trauma for low back pain relief. Sometime bag of the frozen vegetable of other food wrapped into a towel also use for lower back pain relief. After the 4 to 5 days of cold treatment, patient should apply heat such as hot pad or heating lamp for lower back pain relief.


Sometime a combination of prescription and also counter medication are usually used for lower back pain relief treatment. Depending on medical history, allergies, the doctor will give you appropriate medication. The lower back pain is varying from person to person and this pain is unique. After observe and detect your pain, doctor will try to give you medication that will fit for you.


It is the best physical way for low back pain relief. Exercise that usually strengthens back and also abdominal muscle can help you to relief and prevent the lower back pain in future. Those core muscles firstly support the spine, maintain the balance, and also decrease your chance of further injury.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is very effective for lower back pain relief. It also prevents stress and the symptoms that associated with chronic back pain. Massage therapy is normally use as the part of multidisciplinary approach for relief pain and comprehensive.

Keep moving

It is another way for low back pain relief. You must keep moving everyday and walking also. Bicycling, swimming, and walking are better for relief pain.


Don’t sit on you chair on a same manner. You must move away every 30 min and walk sometime. Some people get lower back pain relief by doing regular stretching on routine like yoga.

Wear low heels

You must avoid high heel for relief from lower back pain. Normally high heel create more unstable posture that increase pressure on your lower side and make lower back pain. It is one of the major causes of lower back pain. According to the research more than 60% of women in the world suffer lower back pain due to high heels.

Watch your weight

You must control your body weight for low back pain relief. Use proper diet for keep you body fit and healthy. Overweight put excess stress into your spine and causes lower back pain.

Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Remedies for lower back pain relief are including:

Vitamin D

Chronic muscle pain is occur due to the deficiency of vitamin D. research suggest that vitamin D supplement is use for the treatment of lower back pain relief. Vitamin D supplements lead the clinical improvement of lower back pain symptoms.

Essential nutrient and vitamins are available on certain foods like fish with small bone and fortified milk. Normally vitamin D is produce naturally into our body during the exposure of sunlight. But it is so difficult of obtain vitamin D in this ways. For this reason medical expert recommend to increase vitamin D in our body by dilatory source. It is one of the lower back pain remedies.

Anti inflammatory herbs

Some anti inflammatory herbs are responsible for low back pain relief. Certain herbs have an anti inflammatory effect and may useful for the lower back pain relief. White willow barks have a pain reliving properties that similar to aspirin. This known as salicin that found in the White willow bark. Salicin is then converted into salicylic acid. It is believe that salicylic acid is active compounds that have ability to relief pain and inflammation. This compound is well use for the lower back pain relief. Another herb like devil’s claw is also use for the treatment of lower back pain relief. Devil’s claws contain a compound called harpagosides that are very much important for relief back pain and inflammation.


Magnesium is the most abundant mineral in our body. Magnesium is usually involved over 300 biochemical reaction and it also helps to maintains nerve function, immune system, keeps heart rhythm steady, preserve bones strength, muscle function etc. magnesium is also involved to regulate blood pressure and maintain blood sugar level. It is also help to protein synthesis and energy metabolism.

Alexander technique

It is one kind of therapy that is very important for the lower back pain relief. This therapy in useful for improvement of poseur and also eliminate bad habit like slouching. Slouching can lead muscle tension, decrease mobility and lead the pain.

Vitamin B12

A study was published that vitamin B12 injection is for low back pain relief. Involving 70 patients, the study was found that those patients who receive vitamin B12 injection have significant reduction on lower back pain. Like pain other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency like mild memory impairment, irritability, and depression. Some risk factors of vitamin b12 deficiency are including:

  1. 1.Pernicious anemia.
  2. Use of certain medications.
  3. Inadequate intake of meat.
  4. Infection such as intestinal bacterial overgrowth and parasites.
  5. Digestive problems.

Vitamin B12 into muscle injection is the one of the better treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency. Study found that vitamin B12 plays an important rule for the lower back pain relief.

Treatment for low back pain relief

Some treatment of lower back pain including:


Painkiller is sometime very effective treatment for lower back pain. Many people use paracetamol for lower back pain. Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen is more effective for lower back pain. Codeine is a stronger painkiller and it is also effective as low back pain treatment.

If you fee; muscle spasm in your back side, then you may use diazepam as treatment. Pain killer can have some side effect. Some pain killer can be addictive and other not may suitable for your body. It is depend up to your state of health.

Keep moving

People who always remain active and perform exercise, he or she will safe from low back pain, other hand people who inactive for long time has a great chance for lower back pain. You keep yourself active by several ways like walking, walking to the shop, playing football.


Medication is very useful for low back pain treatment. Meditation is a mind-body practice and has been found to increase on pain tolerance. It is also valuable to promote management of severe pain to relief. Study has focus that mediation is too important to control low back pain. Eight week mediation is a good lower back pain treatment. It also improves your pain tolerance and improves physical and mental function.


Rest is very much important to improve body condition. It also help us to relief from lower back pain However, quite a number of days of rest will cause a weakening of the muscles, and weak muscles got to struggle to adequately support the spine.

Sleeping position

Bad Seeping position is also responsible for low back pain. If you sleep on the back, placing a pillow under the knee that will help maintain the normal curve of lower back.

Release inner endorphin

Endorphin is the body’s natural pain reliever. They act as a strong pain relief. Endorphins are one kinds of chemical that are naturally produced into the body. When this chemical are releases into body, its block all pain substance into the body. But aerobic exercise is needed to produce endorphin into body. It anyone exercise daily then he or she will got relief from low back pain.

Get restorative sleep

Restorative sleep is so important for low back pain relief. Insomnia is major causes of any pain. Approximately two-third of the patient is suffered from chronic back pain due to insomnia. Inadequate will make normally the back pain worse.


Exercise act as an important role for low back pain relief. At least 20 min exercise is so important to avoid lower back pain. It also helps to make fit your body.

Define lower back pain

Firstly it is very important to define the area of back pain. Many people can explain their proper place where the pain feels. Some clinical diagnostic tools are also available to define the exact location of pain.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is one of the best processes for lower back pain relief treatment. Physical therapy like exercise is very important for the relief of lower back pain. Physical therapists prescribe for walking and gentle exercise like core strengthening and stretching for lower back pain relief.


It is the last stage for the treatment of lower back pain relief. When medication does not work or physical therapy, then surgery in requires for relief this pain. It is also important for the treatment of inflammation.

Finally recommend is first you need to identify the exact location of pain. Everyone should exercise in proper ways. Every day we must take some nutrient food to keep better and lead pain free life.

Other low back pain treatment

Low level laser therapy

Where low energy laser are usually focused on back side to try reduce your inflammation and also tissue repair. It is very important low back pain treatment.

Interferential therapy

This devise is normally used to pass an electrical current through the back to try to accelerate healing and produce natural painkiller.

Therapeutic ultrasound

The ultrasound waves are normally directed at back for accelerate healing and also use for encourage tissue repair.

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