Organ donation facts information & living organ donation

Organ donation facts means some condition that must be complete or being acquire before donate an organ, those condition is called organ donation fact. Before you decide to become an organ donor, then you must consider some information. More than 7000 people a year in whole world become die due to deficiency of donated organ. Organ donation is a great work and it can save many people’s life.

Organ donation: the fact

Here we discuss some question that you might be asking before donate your organ:

Who can donate an organ?

  1. People at any age can donate an organ. If anyone younger than 18, then he or she need to concern to his parent or guardian. It is one of the organ donation facts.
  2. For an organ donation after death, medical assessments have to done to determine that what organ can be donated. Organ donation will exclude in certain condition such as actively spreading cancer or having HIV or severe organ infection.
  3. Having serious condition such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, kidney disease or any heart disease can prevent you from donation as living donor.
  4. Organ transplant team also considers your health condition before organ donation fact.
  5. It is very easier to transplant an organ if the recipient and the donor have a good match. The organ transplant team will put you by a series of different test to determine whether your tissue or blood types are compatible with recipient.
  6. Some medical or diagnostic center can transplant an organ, even the recipients and donors tissue and blood types does not match. In this condition the recipient may receive a special treatment to prevent her or his body from rejection and new organ.
  7. You can either register with state donor registry to donate your organ after your death.
  8. You can work with your friends transplant team or your family member to become a living donor.
  9. You can also contract with nearly organ transplant team or center to become a living organ donor.

Blood and tissue type matching fact

How I become an organ donor?

If I donate an organ, then will I face any health problem in future?

Not necessarily. There are a number of organs in our body, that you can give up all or the part of organ without having any long term health problems. You can donate a part of live, intestine, lung, pancreas or a whole part of kidney. After donation your body will compensate for the organ part or the missing organ. You will not be able to donate an organ if it determines that donating organ would your long or short time health risk.

Some organ donation fact

  1. More than 18 people die every day while they waiting for organ transplantation.
  2. Normally there is no age limit for the organ donation.
  3. An organ donor can save eight people lives.
  4. The same donor also can improve or save the lives more than 50 people by donating his eye or tissue.
  5. Almost any person can be an organ donor, by regardless of medical history or age.
  6. Becoming an organ donor will have no any impact on the care of your receive should you fall ill.
  7. All of the religion of the world support organ donation.
  8. Australia is a world’s leader for the successful transplant outcome.
  9. Around the 1600 people are in Australian organ transplant waiting list.
  10. Donor can still have open casket funerals, and the organ donation does not const the donors family any money.
  11. Normally the doctors who will treat a patient at the time of the death are no way involved with those responsible for the organ removal.
  12. If a person is hospitalized, then the medical team provide the best possible care, and regardless of organ donor status.
  13. The organ donation is considered after the every effort has been applied to save the patient life.
  14. People who have HIV or with active cancer are not qualify for organ donation.
  15. People with hepatitis B or C may be donors.
  16. Normally there is no charge to become an organ donor.
  17. All cost for donation is normally covered by the local organ procurement organization.
  18. Organ donation does not disfigure the body.
  19. The success of the organ transplantation is more than eighty percent.
  20. If you are an organ donor, your family does not pay any bill that related to donation.

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