How to prevent a stroke- causes, risk factors and treatment

The best way to prevent a stroke by regular exercise, eating healthy food, control blood pressure and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. It is very important to know about risk factor of stoke and have to manage this risk factor that is normally responsible to stoke. Healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent a stroke.

Risk factors of a stroke

The major risk factors if stroke is including:


Stroke can occur in all age group. But study show that the risk of a stroke become double between the age of 56 to 86. Especially this period is so risk for stroke. But stroke may occur in adolescence or during childhood. The stroke is normally considering a disease of aging. In childhood the prenatal period is highest risk for stroke.


The men are likely highly risk for stroke, but also more women die due to stroke. Normally men do not live as long as women. The risk factor of stroke is visible in men when are younger and therefore have a higher rate of the survival.

Family history of stroke

If your any family member had a stroke then you have a great chance to develop stroke. It is one of the major risk factor of stroke. Sometime stroke seem to run in several families. Various factors may contribute for familial stroke. Some genetic tendency may play an important rule like high blood pressure or diabetes that inherited to next generation. Sometime the common lifestyle in some families may also responsible for stroke.


Diabetes may play an important role for several cardiovascular disease and stroke. It may also cause destructive changes into the blood vessels through the body, and also including the brain. If the blood glucose level become high during stroke, then the brain damage is usually done more severe than then time when blood glucose level become well controlled.

Cholesterol imbalance

It is another major risk factor of stroke. Normally low density lipoproteins carry cholesterol through the blood and then the liver it into the cells. Excess low density lipoproteins or LDL can causes the cholesterol to build up into blood vessel and then leading to atherosclerosis. This atherosclerosis is one of the major causes to blood vessel narrowing and also leading to both stroke and heart attack.

How to prevention a stroke

We can prevent a stroke by avoiding and follow some condition including:

Control blood pressure

You have to control your blood pressure to prevent a stroke. It is one of the major facts that can promote a stroke. Some factor that may responsible for high blood pressure like extra salt in food and smoking is mainly responsible for high blood pressure. You must avoid this factor to prevent a stroke.

Stop smoking

It is one of the major risk factor of stroke because it can narrow your arteries and also makes blood more likely to clot. You can reduce your risk for stroke to half if you stop smoking. No smoking will improve you health and also reduce the risk of developing other disease. It will also save you from lung cancer. You should avoid smoking to prevent a stroke.

Avoid alcohol

The excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to risk of high blood pressure and also irregular heartbeat. Both these condition is major risk factor for a stroke. This may occur because alcohols are rich of energy and they are responsible for the weight gain. Excessive consumption of alcohol can multiplies the risk of the stroke more than three times.


Normally the high cholesterol contain foods are risk for stroke. High fat food may lead to building up of fatty plaque into arteries and then being overweight that can lead high blood pressure. High fiber diet and low fat foods are recommended to decrease the risk of s stroke. Vegetable and fresh food is very helpful to prevent a stroke. Extra salt also increase the risk of high blood pressure. You must avoid the extra salt in food.

There are two types of fat; those are saturated and unsaturated fat. You must avoid the food that containing saturated fat. Saturated fat that may increases the cholesterol level into the blood.

Foods that containing saturated fats are including:

  1. Meat pies.
  2. Fatty cuts of meat.
  3. Butter.
  4. Ghee.
  5. Lard.
  6. Cream.
  7. Hard cheese.
  8. Cake and biscuit.
  9. Palm oil.
  10. Food containing coconut.

Small amount of unsaturated fat must added for a balance diet. Those will help you to reduce the cholesterol level from blood.

Foods that containing unsaturated fat including:

  1. Oily fish.
  2. Avocados.
  3. Nuts.
  4. Seeds.
  5. Olive oil.
  6. Vegetable oils.
  7. Sunflower oils.


Regular exercises will help you to heart and the blood circulatory system to more efficient. Exercise is so important to decrease cholesterol into blood and it also keeps your blood pressure on healthy level. The normal blood cholesterol level is 5mmol/liter.

Blood pressure is usually measure by using two figures. Then one figure represent the pressure of heart as it contract to pump the blood around the body. It is known as systolic pressure. On other hand the pressure of the heart is rest, it expands and also fills with blood, this condition is known as diastolic pressure.

Control diabetes

You must control your diabetes to prevent a stroke. Diabetes is one of the major risk factor of stroke. High blood glucose also increases the chance to developing heart disease including stroke.

Control you weight

Oboes person have great chance to develop a stroke than a fit person. Some food that may causes the excess body weight and increase blood pressure. Both these condition is responsible for a stroke. You have to control your body weight to prevent a stroke.

Treatment of a stroke

Some medications that are use to treatment a stroke including:

Anti platelet drug

Platelets are cells into your blood that may initiate the blood clots. The Anti platelet drug is make these cells less sticky and also less likely t cloth. Aspirin is anti platelet drug that may use most frequently. The doctor will recommend the dose of this drug after checking your body condition. Aggrenox is also a combination of the low dose aspirin that may also prescribe as anti platelet drug.


These medications, that embody polysaccharide and anticoagulant (Coumadin), scale back curdling. Polysaccharide is quick acting and will be used over a brief amount of your time within the hospital. Slower acting anticoagulant is also used over a extended term.

Warfarin could be a powerful blood-thinning drug, therefore you will need to require it specifically as directed and watch for aspect effects. Your doctor could bring down this medication if you have got sure blood-clotting disorders, sure blood vessel abnormalities, AN abnormal rhythm or alternative heart issues. Alternative newer blood thinners is also used if your ischemia or stroke was caused by AN abnormal rhythm.

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