Arteriosclerotic heart disease: causes, symptoms & treatment

Arteriosclerotic heart disease is the usually causes of strokes, heart attack, and also peripheral vascular disease, which together are called cardiovascular disease. It narrowing and hardening the arterial and blocking the blood flow of the heart. Normally people suffer arteriosclerotic heart disease because of the narrowing the blood vessels. As a result it is blocking the blood flow into the heart. At also effect other organ into the body and oxygen cannot reach into the heart.

What is arteriosclerotic heart disease?

Arteriosclerotic heart disease is also called coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease. It also refers to arteriosclerotic of coronary arteries or heart. Arteriosclerotic heart disease is normally causes due to deposit of calcium on the arteries wall then narrowing or harden the artery wall because of high blood pressure.

Arteriosclerotic heart disease is normally starts when the plaque collects into the arteries wall as a result arteries wall become hardening. The plaque normally gets on depositing fat material or cholesterol and then collected on the arterial wall. Normally arteries are responsible for transporting oxygen and blood to the heart. These fats or cholesterol narrowing the blood vessel that normally acts as barrier for blood flow. As a result blood cannot flow into the heart.

Causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease

The major factors that are responsible for arteriosclerotic heart disease are including:


It is one of the causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease. The heart disease risk becomes high as the people become old. Older people have greater risk of arteriosclerotic heart disease then younger people.


People who have poorly controlled of diabetes or have excess blood glucose into the blood, have a great chance to occur arteriosclerotic heart disease. It is one of the major causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Family history

It is another major cause of arteriosclerotic heart disease. People who sibling or parents have heart disease have much more like to develop arteriosclerotic heart disease. It also effect on next generation.


In every year thousands of people had died due to smoking. It is mainly responsible for heart disease and also arteriosclerotic heart disease. Smokers have a great chance to develop arteriosclerotic heart disease than non-smoker.

High blood pressure

High blood pressures are other causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease. It is normally occur due to hypertension or lack of exercise. People who have high blood pressure have a great chance to develop arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Other causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease

Other major causes of arteriosclerotic heart disease are including:

  1. High cholesterol level.
  2. High glucose level in blood.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Stress.
  5. Excess alcohol consumption.
  6. Lack of exercise.
  7. Hypertension.
  8. Certain disease like type two diabetes.
  9. High intake of saturated fat.
  10. High level f LDL into blood.
  11. Kidney diseases also increase the arteriosclerotic heart disease.
  12. Overweight.
  13. Not eating sufficient fruits and vegetable.

Major symptoms of arteriosclerotic heart disease

Arteriosclerotic heart disease is a progressive heart disease that may develop gradually. There are usually no symptoms are visible until an artery become blocked or so narrowed. The arteriosclerotic heart disease symptoms are very widely, normally ranging from none in early stages, cause high blood pressure due to narrowed arteries. Some symptoms are visible during arteriosclerotic heart disease are including:

  1. Muscle pain occurs because of lack of oxygen supply.
  2. Chest pain in cases of arteriosclerotic heart disease.
  3. sweating.
  4. Abnormal heart rhythm.
  5. Congestive heart failure.
  6. Shortness of breath.
  7. Heart attack.
  8. Headaches when the arteries supply of brain is affected.
  9. Facial pain.
  10. Impaired speech.
  11. Sudden weakness.
  12. Trouble to speaking.
  13. Confusion.
  14. Loss of consciousness.
  15. Dizziness.
  16. Impaired vision.
  17. Impaired memory.
  18. Aching legs and cramp.
  19. Fatigue.
  20. Paralysis of part of the body.

Diagnosis of the arteriosclerotic heart disease

Blood test

Blood test is done to measurement of protein fat or cholesterol into the blood. If present high levels of sugar, fat, cholesterol into blood then it is an indicator of arteriosclerotic heart disease.


By using sound wave ultrasound scanner is able to generate a picture inside of your body. It is also able to check blood pressure into distinct part of your body. This technique is mainly use to detect arteriosclerotic heart disease.

CT scan

CT scan is normally using X-ray to generate details picture of internal part. It is normally use to detect harden and narrowing arteries. This technique is usually use to diagnosis of the arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Treatment of arteriosclerotic heart disease

Lifestyle change

You must focus on physical activities, weight management and also take large amount of healthy diet. Doctor may also recommend to intake high soluble fiber food. You must avoid to intake alcohol, saturated fat and foods that are responsible for Arteriosclerotic heart disease. This lifestyle will save you from Arteriosclerotic heart disease.


Doctor may prescribe medication that prevents the buildup of blood cloth. Another medication such as statins may prescribe to lower cholesterol and also Angiotensin converting enzyme. You must take some drug for control high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


It is last stageof treatment of arteriosclerotic heart disease. Sometime surgery is requiring for arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Prevention of the arteriosclerotic heart disease


You must avoid saturated fat. They increase the level of bad cholesterol in body. The following food those are very helpful to prevent Arteriosclerotic heart disease:

  1. Olive oil.
  2. Seeds.
  3. Oily fish.
  4. Avocados.
  5. Walnuts
  6. Nuts.
  7. Fruits.
  8. Vegetable.


Exercise may increase your body fitness and also decrease high blood pressure. If you have overweight then exercise may help you to reduce your excess body weight. It also keeps you heart healthy and also save you from arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the major risk factor of arteriosclerotic heart disease. It is mainly responsible to raise your blood pressure. You must avoid smoking to keep your heart healthy.

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