Gall bladder symptoms, pain, surgery, stone & removal

Gall bladder is situated under the liver and normally gall bladder is pear shape organ. Bile is store into the gall bladder. Bile is very much needed to digest fat. Gall bladder releases bile by a tube, which is call common bile duct. In small intestine this duct connects between liver and gallbladder. Gall bladder makes a great trouble when bile cannot flow due to any blockage through the bile duct. Normally it is call gallstone. Usually gallstone is attack after taking meal. Nausea, vomiting pain in abdomen is major sigh of gallstone. When gall bladder become trouble, it is better to remove the gall bladder. It is able to survive without gall bladder.

What is gall bladder?

Gall bladder is like a small pear shaped organ, and bile is store into gall bladder. Normally bile is made by liver cell into the liver. Normally gall bladder store bile in sufficient amount for secretion when meal is taken. When food is ingested specially fats, it causes the cholecystokinin hormone release that helps to breakdown of fats.

Where is gall bladder?

Still many people do not know about the location of gall bladder. Behind the liver on the right area of rib cage, the gall bladder is located. Gall bladder is hits up beside the under surface of the liver. Feeling pain on this location means gall bladder problems.

Function of gall bladder

Gall bladder is not a vital organ in human and without gall bladder it is able to survive. Gall bladder function in not well known as like some of the major organ in body like liver, kidney, and heart. Most of the people do not know about its importance and how it is work. Gall bladder is usually 3 to 4 inch organ which is linked to the liver by hepatic duct. The major function of gall bladder is given below:

  1. Gall bladder store bile for the liver.
  2. Gall bladder delivers bile to small intestine when it is require.
  3. Gallbladder also concentrates the bile which is readily useable.
  4. Main function og gall bladder to breakdown some of the food specially fat.
  5. Gall bladder is works to store excess bile.

Bile and the gall bladder

  1. 1.    Bile is so much important for fat digestion. Firstly it is produce by the liver, then it is secreted through bile duct, finally it is reach at small intestine.
    2.    Only little amount of bile is reach into the small intestine. Most of bile is flow into the gallbladder via cystic duct. Cystic duct is side branch of common bile duct.
    3.    Gall bladder is located under the liver and it is 4-inch sac with muscular wall. Here the majority of the fluid is removing from the bile.
    4.    Usually bile is accumulating into the gall bladder that is very much needed in the small intestine for digest fat.  Cholecystokinin is a hormone with is release when food enter into small intestine.

Gall bladder pain

Gall bladder pain is occurring due to any problems or inflammation of gall bladder. Gall bladder pain is commonly occurring in the right upper abdomen and just below the rib. This pain can also be felt in the upper middle part of the abdomen. Sometime it is referred to as bilary colic. And this is not an intermittent pain. Generally it is a unmoved pain that can be describe as a gripping. This gall bladder pain can vary from mild to severe. Depending on the case, gall bladder pain can last from few minutes to several hours.

Gall bladder pain is another characteristic is that, this pain may radiate to the upper portion to the back portion. Gall bladder pain does not relieve by changing position. Gall bladder painful period may be triggered by fatty food.

Causes of gall bladder pain

Inflammations of the gall bladder or gallstone are major causes of gall bladder pain.

Usually most of the gallstone does not cause gall bladder pain. But only few people experience gall bladder pain after gallstone form. Normally gall stone causes severe or mild pain in the right abdomen or the middle part behind the breastbone. Gall bladder pain rapidly intensifies into a few minutes to several hours. Gall bladder pain is caused due to obstruction of the bile duct by the gall stone.

One of the most causes of gallstone formation in elevated amount of cholesterol in the diet, which cannot be handled by the bile. The accumulations of cholesterol which can be form the cholesterol gallstones. This gallstone can block the bile duct which leading the gall bladder pain. The gall bladder pain may be disappearing when the stone dislodge.

Several risk factors that are linked to gallstone formation are given below:

  1. Females are more likely affected then male.
  2. Normally older people are more risk that ages are above 60.
  3. Diabetes patient are more likely risk in gall bladder pain.
  4. Pregnant women.
  5. Person who take high fat meal and low fiber diet.
  6. People who have high blood cholesterol are risk at gall bladder pain.
  7. History of gallstone in family member.
  8. Some medication like cholesterol lowering drug.
  9. Rapid weight loss.

Gall bladder inflammation

It is another major cause of gall bladder pain. It may also be related to the presence of gall stone which call calculous cholecystitis and may occur due to other obstructions and not associate with gallstone which called acalculous cholecystitis.

Normally one to three percent of people who had gallstone may experience to acute cholecystitis or gall bladder inflammation. The gall bladder pain may be experienced during jumping or even when inhaling. People also have experience like nausea, vomiting, fever and chills. Patient who have experience those condition, should be seek rapidly attention as complication that including infection may occur.

These symptoms will mild and vague in some condition after then it is so much difficult to differentiate similar symptoms which associated with gastrointestinal disorder. You feel abnormal discomfort when u eating something and also chronic diarrhea. Those are causes chronic gall bladder inflammation.

Gall bladder problems risk factor

Gall bladder problems risk factor is given below:


Women are more risky from men to develop gall stone. Pregnant women and person who taking hormone replacement therapy, usually they are risk at gall stone.


The tendency to build up gallstones and gallbladder disease that is often runs in families. Mutation into a gene, which control the cholesterol movement from the liver to bile duct which can increase the risk for the gall stone.


Age is another major fact of gall bladder problems. People over age of 65 are very much risk for gall stone.

Gall bladder symptoms

Gall bladder attack is so much painful and frightening. It is very much easy to prevent gall bladder problems. Several natural supplement and several natural foods, which can be control the gall bladder problems. Major gall bladder attack symptoms are given below:


  1. Vomiting.
  2. Nausea.
  3. Severe upper abdomen pain.
  4. Gas.
  5. Moderate to severe soreness under the right side of the rib cage .
  6. Attack is often at night.
  7. Usually attack is last from 14 minutes to 14 hour.
  8. Pain may spread out through to the back shoulder or to the right shoulder.
  9. Attacks often happen after overeating .

Natural treatment

1.    Taking raw juice like cabbage, apple, carrot etc.
2.    Raw vegetable increase in your diet.
3.    At the beginning of meals taking digestive enzyme.
4.    Taking good liver tonic.
5.    Drink plenty of pure water.
6.    Hot spice is very much good for the liver and bile duct.
7.    Drink dandelion tea and coffee
8.    Increase intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.


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