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inflamed liver

Inflamed liver and liver inflammation is early stage of liver disease. Liver Inflammation is visible when body tries to fight against an infection. But if liver inflammation continues long lime, liver become damage permanently. When the largest part of the body become inflamed, that time the area become hot and painful also. But inflamed liver does not show this type of symptoms. If inflamed liver is diagnosed and treated successfully, liver inflammation may remove.

What is inflamed liver?

Inflamed liver means when liver become inflamed due to virus or other infections agent. Inflamed liver is one of the common liver diseases. The liver is largest internal organ into body, and liver become enlarge due to liver inflammation. The liver plays an important role in cellular process in the body. Synthesis of bile, many enzymes, clotting factor and many other essential molecules is occurring by liver. It also plays important role for remove waste product and detoxification.

Inflamed liver is a condition that characterized by the migration of phagocytes immune cells to the liver that causes the liver infection or enlargement of liver. Inflamed liver is early stage of liver disease.

Risk factor of inflamed liver

Sever risk factors that are responsible for liver inflammation or inflamed liver including:
1.    Blood transfusion.
2.    Exposure to blood.
3.    Exposure to body fluids.
4.    Exposure to unclean water.
5.    Intravenous drug abuse.
6.    Lack of vaccination against hepatitis A.
7.    Lack of vaccination against hepatitis B.
8.    Multiple sexual partners.
9.    Piercing.
10.    Poor personal hygiene.
11.    Practicing unsafe sex.
12.    Raw seafood.
13.    Sexual contact with someone who has hepatitis.
14.    Sharing needles.
15.    Tattoos.

inflamed liver

inflamed liver

Causes of inflamed liver

Some factors that can increase the chance to developing inflamed liver including:


It is one of the major causes of liver inflammation. Inflamed liver occur due to excessive intake of alcohol. Regular excessive intake of alcohol leads to liver hepatitis. As a result liver become inflamed and liver cell also be damage. Alcoholic fatty liver disease also occurs due to acute alcohol intake.

Viral infection

Viral infection is one of the major causes of inflamed liver. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, hepatitis E virus is responsible for inflamed liver. Adenoviruses, herpes viruses also cause liver inflammation.

Bacterial infection

Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, Treponema palladium bacteria mainly responsible for inflamed liver. Other bacteria like Salmonella typhimurium bacteria, Yersinia pestis bacteria also cause liver inflammation.


Some drug that are liver damaging and also highly corrosive are responsible for inflamed liver. It generally depends on the drug and also the abuse one is doing with their medication. It may also affect those people who have maintaining the drug which can be harmful for the liver. Normally these drugs are called hepatotoxic.

Fatty liver

It is one of the major causes of inflamed liver. This condition may result to liver damage. Person who is non alcohol can also suffer this condition. This condition is more common in women and associated with the obesity.

Metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorder including Wilsons disease may causes inflamed liver. It can also causes necrosis. It is common factor for inflamed liver.

Bile duct obstruction

Bile duct obstruction result to obstructive jaundice due to the incapability of the hormones and also juice to pass through. These Bile duct obstructions lead the liver inflammation and also distraction of the liver cells.

Protozoan infection

Entamoeba histolytica and Leishmania donovani are mainly responsible for inflamed liver. Many other protozoa like Plasmodium spp. And Toxoplasma gondii are also causes liver inflammation. Malaria parasite also causes inflamed liver.

Parasitic infection

Parasite is also responsible for inflamed liver. Fasciola hepatica is also causes liver inflammation. It is also responsible for several liver diseases. Liver flukes like Fasciola hepatica, blood fluke or Schistosoma spp. also cause inflamed liver.

Autoimmune Disorders
These is related disorders of the immune system that is involve damage of healthy liver cells. It is mainly involves a failure in one or more processes of the immune system into the body that are responsible for distinguish foreign piratical from healthy body tissue.


Hepatotoxicity means hepatic injury that also responsible for inflamed liver. Hepatotoxicity occurs due chemical agent, mainly drug and their substance. Drug overdose that causes hepatic injury and it also causes death.

Inflamed liver symptoms

These symptoms are visible when a patient suffers from inflamed liver. Inflamed liver symptoms are given below:

1.    At the right bottom area of the rib cage swelling and tenderness felt.
2.    Vomiting.
3.    Loss of appetite after inflamed liver.
4.    Joint pain.
5.    Liver become swelling.
6.    Upper abdominal pain.
7.    Muscle aches.
8.    Wight becomes loss due to loss of appetite.
9.    Fatigue.
10.    Malaise.
11.    Skin becomes yellow due to inflamed liver.
12.    Itching.
13.    White portion of eye become yellow after inflamed liver.
14.    Indigestion.
15.    Fever and dark urine.
16.    Abdominal pain also occurs after inflamed liver.
17.    Jaundice.
18.    Body malaise occurs.
19.    Brown urine.
20.    Abnormal menstrual cycle occur in women.
21.    Abnormal stool.
22.    Mild localized pain feels in the upper right side of the abdomen due to inflamed liver.
23.    Body aches.
24.    Nausea.
25.    Weakness.

Inflamed liver diagnosis

Inflamed liver could be diagnosis by different medical test. Some tests that are essential to diagnosis inflamed liver, those are given below:

CT scan

The computer tomography or CT scan is a clinical imaging procedure, which uses x-ray and also digital computer technology to generate detailed two or three dimensional view or image of the body. It is one of the major diagnostic tools for the diagnosis of inflamed liver. It is use for the identification of liver inflammation in specific area.

Unlike other types of medical imaging, the computed tomography scan can make a picture of every type of body structure at once like soft tissue, blood vessel, bone, liver and other internal organ of body. Multiple x-ray projection is normally taken in thin cross section along the individual body. The detector then collect the x-ray information from cross section and then it send into a special computer and then combine them into an image. After combine an image, it is possible to detect liver inflammation or inflammation in any part of body.


MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. It use for examine the live size and also the liver morphology. It is very important medical tool for inflamed liver diagnosis.

Liver function test

Inflamed liver could be diagnosed by the level of some liver enzyme. This is a standard liver panel which includes testing of serum albumin levels, aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), total bilirubin, coagulation test and serum glucose. These liver function tests serve as a biomarker of the stage of liver injury. A sometime excessive level of liver enzyme means that there has a higher grade of liver inflammation.

Liver biopsy

Liver biopsy did under a local anesthesia by use of needle to extract a little part of the liver. Then a pathologist will examine the extract tissue. Liver biopsy also a test for diagnosis inflamed liver disease.

Imaging test

It is another test for diagnosis of inflamed liver. Doctor allows this test after viewing the severity of disease.

Inflamed liver complication

Except for some gallstone disease and viral infection such as inflamed liver, infectious mononucleosis and hepatitis A, most of the liver diseases are not cured. Inflamed liver can progress into liver failure and liver cirrhosis. The associated complication may included malnutrition and weight loss, increased risk of bleeding and infection and also decreased cognitive function.

Inflamed liver diet

After liver inflammation person should be shifted to a balance and healthy foods. Inflamed liver diet can protect liver from different liver disorder or liver inflammation. People have to minimize fatty and cholesterol rich foods. Patient should also avoid high caloric foods. Patient must taken more plenty of fruits and vegetable. Fish and fresh vegetable normally recommended during inflamed liver. Increase oral fluid intake that can flushing of toxic out from the body. Sometime doctor recommended popular herbal tonic that is use for the control of liver inflammation. These also help to produce new liver cell and also replacing the damage cell. Some inflamed live diet including:


It can improve the liver function because it is high in protein. Here present some essential amino acid that is much require for liver. Another benefit of fish is that it contains high omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fat is a natural anti-inflammatory and also fantastic for people with the raised liver enzyme, and indicating an inflamed liver.


All vegetable of the cruciferous family are much beneficial for the inflamed liver. Other member of this family suck as cabbage, collard, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts is helpful for liver. These vegetables present a substance are called sulforaphane that are known to increase the activity of the phase 2 detoxification enzyme of the liver. Your liver wills more efficient if you regularly eating those vegetable,

Green tea

Normally is not a food but we including the green tea on inflamed liver diet because it is immensely beneficial the liver. It contains powerful antioxidant called EGCG that generally protect liver cell from the effect of free radical. The liver cell can easily damage during detoxification function. It is one of the major inflamed liver diets.

Brazil nuts

These nuts contain highest natural source of the mineral selenium. Liver must need selenium for detoxification your bloodstream. It has also powerful anti viral action against the hepatitis A and B. it is very important for live health and inflamed liver diet.

Inflamed liver drug treatment

Appropriate medication and medical therapy will depend on the severity of liver inflammation and also types and nature of inflammation. Normally liver function test or LFTs are use to diagnose the level or infection or damage of your liver. Normally mild to moderate inflamed liver can be reasonably well controlled by natural approaches and supportive diet. In this condition doctor recommended inflamed liver diet as a treatment option. Sometime your doctor can recommended the modification of your antiviral drug. But some of these medicines are broken down into the liver that can lead to inflammation of the liver. Treatment includes ribavirin and interferon for hepatitis C and adefovir or tenofovir for hepatitis B.

Inflamed liver treatment

The treatment for the inflamed liver mainly depends on the extent of liver damage. Normally it can be diagnosed with the help of LFTs or liver function tests. There is no any clinical treatment for the purpose of the treatment of severe form of viral hepatitis. But one has to slow down the regular activities and make some nutritional change for improve this condition. If inflamed liver happened due to side effects of several medicinal drugs, then it is very important to change these medicines after consultation with your doctor. Excessive consumption of alcohol must need to stop completely to avoid inflamed liver. Sometime antiviral medications are prescribed to control the viral infection such as Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B. milk thistle is one of the popular herbal tonics for control viral infection. It normally promotes the development of new liver cell and also replaces the damaged cell.

Liver inflammation is the primary stage of liver disease. So it could be prevent by proper treatment. Inflamed liver treatments are given below:

  1. Alcohol intake must be abuse to control inflamed liver. The patient must be use corticosteroids to decrease the inflammation.
  2. Liver transplant must be needed if major part of liver becomes inflamed.
  3. Patient must take enough rest for prevent inflamed liver.
  4. The proper identification must be needed to prevent inflamed liver.
  5. Changing the lifestyle.
  6. If inflamed liver occur due to viral infection, then doctor recommended some drug to control hepatitis.
  7. The bile duct obstruction can be treated by surgery.
  8. You must take easy digested food.

Inflamed liver prevention

Prevention is much better then treatment. We can prevent the inflamed liver by following several rules including:

Hepatitis vaccine

Hepatitis is mainly responsible for inflamed liver. We can prevent our liver disease by taking hepatitis vaccine. Now hepatitis vaccine is available all over the world. It can save you from inflamed liver.

Practice safe sex

Avoid sexual contract the person who have hepatitis or nay other liver disease. You can use condom during sexual contract that may save you from inflamed liver. It is one of the major prevention techniques for inflamed liver.

No alcohol

Alcohol is one of the major factors that causes inflamed liver. Excessive level of alcohol consumption is responsible for the liver failure. You must avoid alcohol to prevent inflamed liver.

No smoke

If you avoid the smoking habit, which will decrease the chance of developing inflamed liver. Cigarette smoking makes pancreas work much harder.

Healthy lifestyle

It is one of the major factors to prevent inflamed liver. Caffeine, tobacco, cigarette and alcohol increase the chance of inflamed liver. Healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent the inflamed liver.

Avoid exposure to blood

You must be careful before receiving blood. Normally inflamed liver germ can transmitted via blood. It is most ways way to affect other person.

You have to follow other factor for inflamed liver prevention including:

  1. Avoid exposure to body fluid.
  2. Avoid having multiple sexual partners.
  3. Avoid body piercing.
  4. Avoid raw seafood.
  5. Avoid tattoos.
  6. Don’t use other personal items like toothbrush and razor etc.
  7. Do not abuse intravenous drugs.
  8. Avoid alcohol when you take acetaminophen.
  9. Do not share eating tools with someone who has hepatitis.
  10. Do not share needles.
  11. Drink bottled water while traveling.

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