Kidney Pain after Drinking Alcohol- left and right kidney pain

Kidney pain alcohol occurs due to consume excessive level of alcohol. Alcohol is so much harmful for kidney. Normally kidney pains are occur due to drinking alcohol. This condition is normally referred to as kidney pain alcohol or kidney pain after drinking alcohol. If u drink large amount of alcohol, then a chronic pain can occur and this is called kidney pain alcohol. We must avoid drinking large amount of alcohol to keep our kidneys better.

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol

It is possible that kidney pain can occur due to drink alcohol. Normally kidney pain alcohol occurs due to drinking in a large amount of alcohol. Many people sometime think that only liver can affected by alcohol, but also kidneys can affect due to alcohol. Normally kidney plays an important rule to remove toxic product from the body. Kidney pain and alcohol are related with each other. The pain will generally start from nowhere and also become very intense. This pain is referred as acute kidney pain.

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol is normally occurring if you continue to drink alcohol often and large amount. Chronic pain can also result due to excessive alcohol intake. Reducing of drinking alcohol is so much important to keep well your kidney and also liver.

Kidney pain from drinking

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol can happen when excessively amount of alcohol takes. Alcohol may cause various problems in kidneys. Renal pain can occur due to drinking alcohol. kidney pain after drinking alcohol can occur from alcohol. Typically it is occur after drinking a large amount of alcohol. People think that only liver can affected and Kidney pain from drinking alcohol, but always that is not right. Kidney plays vital role in body like removing toxins from body. The pain will usually start out of nowhere and become very intense. This is referred to as kidney pain after drinking alcohol.

kidney pain alcohol

Kidney pain from drinking usually varies from person to person. Dull pain can occur in kidney area when drink a lot of alcohol. There have many people who experience Kidney pain from drinking. Patient feels discomfort Kidney pain from drinking.

Right kidney pain

Right kidney pain usually accompanied by various other symptoms that can be quite baffling. One might believe that a pulled muscle in back region may cause flank pain. Most time, pain at the lower side of the ribs on either surface of the spine is mistaken for normal back pain. But right kidney pain normally felt in the right flank area where the kidneys are located and should not be discharged as a normal back pain. Back pains are persistent and dull where the kidney pain is experienced in wave and severe. Pain in only in the right side of the back is possible if right kidney is infected and result right kidney pain.

kidney pain after drinking alcohol

kidney pain after drinking alcohol

Causes of right kidney pain

Major causes of right kidney pain are including:

Blockage or urine

Kidney stone is one of the most common and major causes right kidney pain. When a kidney stone blocks the ureter and it also blocks the flow of urine. As a result the urine gets accumulated into kidney. Enlargement or swelling of the kidneys usually leads to stretching of thin cover of kidney or capsule. This condition can cause severe and sharp pain in the right side that feel as right kidney pain. A kidney stone can block the flow or urine suddenly. Continuing blockage of urine may can happen due to several causes and lead to severe right kidney pain.


Severe injury can causes in bleeding within the right kidney and result right kidney pain and sharp pain. It is another major cause of right kidney pain.


An interrupted blood supply into the right kidney due to blocked artery and this condition can lead to dead of cells. As a result patient feels severe right kidney pain.

Kidney cancer

It is another major cause of right kidney pain. A growing tumor or lump in the right kidney can stretch or elongate the kidney capsule gradually. The tumor can squeeze the nerve in the area of kidney and causing right kidney pain.

Polycystic kidney disease

This is a hereditary disease and it can cause swelling or enlargement of kidney and can cause right or left kidney pain.

Spasm in bladder

A full bladder usually can lead to involuntary muscle contraction and result pain in the lower flank area or lower abdominal area.

Symptoms of right kidney pain

Major symptoms of right kidney pain are including:

Symptoms related blockage of urine

Kidney stone symptoms such as blood in urine, chills and fever, sharp pain, vomiting and nausea, cloudy and bad smell in urine, burning urination, white urination and severe back pain. The pain usually come into waves. The pain can be severe as that experienced during childbirth. When the stone travels down into ureter, then the pain can be feel in the lower groin and abdomen.

Symptoms related kidney infection

Even a light louch in flank area can generate sharp pain. Another symptoms like puss in urine, urgency to urinate and increased frequemcy, nausea, fever, vomiting, and right flank pain may also be notices. Rapid medical attention is very much important in this condition. Since kidneys filter or clean the blood and eliminate the waste product, drug, all blood passes through kidneys. But infection into right kidney can get transferred into another kidney swift or it it can extend into bloodstream. Normally antibiotics are recommended intravenously to control the spread of infection.

Alcohol and kidney pain

May be drinking alcohol is the most enjoyable way of passing time with other friend. You must drink sufficient amount of alcohol. If you drink much alcohol during a long period, then you have possibilities of kidney pain alcohol. This may vary from person to person. While few people feel a dull pain in the kidneys area, it can also be sharp pain. Although many people who experience discomfort or pain in the kidneys after drinking excessive alcohol, but their test result come normal.

What Causes Kidney Pain after Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can affect the function of kidney and causes kidney pain after drinking alcohol. The main function of kidney is to filter the metabolic waste from the body and maintain water balance in body. kidney pain after drinking alcohol can actually causes an imbalance in the filtering mechanism. Our kidneys filter water with the help of ADH, an Anti-Diuretic Hormone produced by the pituitary gland. kidney pain after drinking alcohol can actually affect this hormone which can be indicated by the pain after drinking alcohol. Another reason Kidney pain from drinking alcohol could be because of the fact that alcohol actually increases the production of urine.

Causes of kidney pain after drinking alcohol

The causes of kidney pain alcohol are including:

Consume alcohol

The kidneys are always very much active to perform the normal function of body. But if you drink alcohol excessive amount, then the kidneys have to work overtime than normal. There comes at a point when they just cannot keep up. But if you drink alcohol uncontrolled amount, then you have greater chance to kidney pain alcohol. In this situation kidneys working so hard and the excess fluid is build up due to the abnormal amount of alcohol in the body.

Take alcohol for long term

Sometime you may not realize this, but consuming a huge amount of alcohol can frequently increase the dehydration in your body. This cases so much harder for the kidneys to perform their job properly. Can may become inflamed and swollen when the body is dehydrating. This may causes pain into the kidneys and it is called kidney pain after drinking alcohol. When you drink excess amount of alcohol, normally you have to urine more that may occur dehydration in your body.

Alcohol and kidney pain

Drinking much alcohol can also raise the amount of calcium and uric acid that retain into the body. Both of this chemical can make extremely hard to the kidney to eliminate the toxic substance from the body. As a result those toxic substances are accumulating into the body and make a person sick. It also causes kidney pain alcohol. Once the toxic substance reach into he bloodstream, it may take month for the person to get ride from the fatigue.

What happen during kidney pain and alcohol?

Kidney discomfort

An extreme discomfort and sudden pain is occurring on the lower back side of the body. It is one of the symptoms of kidney pain alcohol. This kidneys pain is so much painful. This kidneys discomfort is occur due to take excess amount of alcohol. For this reason kidneys must do a lot of work to detoxification the fluid that present in alcohol. Due to this overload, kidney pain and alcohol is occurring.

Kidney infection

Kidney infections also happen due to alcohol and kidney pain. Pyelonephritis is an bacterial infection which causes pain and inflammation into the kidney. It may also occur when urine flow back into the ureter because of kidneys stone. As a result kidneys become swelling and a chronic pain is occurring. Due to pyelonephritis you may also experience frequent urination during night. This infection can be treated by several antibiotics like cephalosporin and amoxicillin. Those antibiotics can destroy bacteria and control the infection. You must avoid alcohol and also decrease amount of alcohol to avoid kidney pain after drinking alcohol.

Symptoms of kidney pain alcohol

Several symptoms that are visible due to alcohol and kidney pain including:

  1. Extreme discomfort on the lower back of the body.
  2. Kidney infection.
  3. Kidney stone.
  4. Sudden kidney pain.
  5. Kidney Infection Pyelonephritis.
  6. Vomiting.
  7. Nausea.
  8. Loss of appetite.
  9. Fatigue.
  10. Fever.
  11. Chills.
  12. Painful urination.

Prevention of kidney pain alcohol

Major prevention option of kidney pain alcohol are:

  1. You must stop to drink alcohol.
  2. Sometime report come just normal but pain start after start drinking, it means your body cannot take the load of alcohol. So you must stop alcohol fully if sudden pain occurs.
  3. You must drink a lot of water and it is a easy way to erase kidney pain after drinking alcohol.
  4. Many people in the world are died due to kidney pain after drinking alcohol, so if you take alcohol occasionally, then you also must avoid alcohol fully and make a habit against alcohol.
  5. If you take alcohol high level in this moment. Then you should not avoid it suddenly. You have to avoid it slow way. and it will reduce your kidney pain after drinking alcohol.
  6. Kidney pain from drinking alcohol means now your bodies have a point that it cannot able to detoxify this fluid. To keep damage free your liver and kidneys, you must avoid alcohol to keep safe from kidney pain after drinking alcohol.
  7. To avoid the inflammation of kidney, you must stop to drink alcohol in this moment.

Location of kidney pain alcohol

Maximum people have no idea about the location of kidney pain alcohol. They think kidney pain alcohol is feeling in the back side or in the side of stomach. There is also some misconception about the location of kidney pain alcohol. A lot of people think that kidneys are located somewhere in the lower abdomen region. But actually kidneys are located just below the diaphragm on both side of the body. If you normally feeling pain in the flank and in the lower back side under the rib cage, then you may suffer from kidney pain alcohol. Normally kidney pains after drinking alcohol are occur due to take excessive alcohol at a time.

Causes of left kidney pain

Causes of left kidney pain are given below:

Kidney stone

It is one of the major causes of left kidney pain from alcohol. Sometime an imbalance fluid and mineral lead the urine to solidified into the crystal. It is called kidney stone. This kidney stone can stop the flow of urine by block the urinary duct.

Kidney infection

Kidney infection can occur due to several causes. Bacterial infection is responsible for kidney infection. Kidney infection is one kind of urinary infection that also can affect urinary bladder. Kidney infection is also responsible for left kidney pain.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary system is normally consisting of ureter, kidneys, bladder and urethra. If one of the elements is affected, the urinary tract infection is occurring. Nausea, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain is major symptoms of urinary tract infection. It is one of the major causes of left kidney pain.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancers are also responsible for kidney pain. It normally causes the kidney capsule to stretch and causes pain into kidneys.

Polycystic kidney

Polycystic kidney is happen when the kidneys become enlarge. This enlargement is happen gradually after sever year during when the pain has been started. Due to polycystic kidney condition, the pain is normally felt on the frontal abdomen side.

Left Kidney pain symptoms

Major left kidney pain symptoms are including:

  1. Pain in the upper back side.
  2. Urinary problems.
  3. Abnormal color in urine.
  4. Blood in urine.
  5. Feeling nausea.
  6. Fever and loss of appetite.
  7. Painful urination.
  8. Feeling vomiting.
  9. Fatigue.
  10. High blood pressure.
  11. Painful menstruation.
  12. Swelling in face, feet and hand.
  13. Weight loss.
  14. Joint pain.
  15. Abnormalities in nail.
  16. Excessively bad smell in urine.
  17. Pain in the back side.

Kidney pain and alcohol

Alcohol is one of the substances that are continuously associated with the kidney pain. Many people have experience kidney pain after drinking a excessive level of alcohol. The reason of kidney pain after drinking alcohol is given below:

  1. Alcohol normally affects the ant diuretic hormone and thereby causes pain into the kidney.
  2. Alcohol severally increases the urinary output. As a result causes dehydration.
  3. It can also increase the blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure usually suffer from kidney pain.
  4. Alcohol also increases the obesity and results kidney pain after drinking alcohol.

How to prevent kidney pain after drinking alcohol

kidney pain after drinking alcohol is usually occurring due to intake excessive amount of alcohol. So at first it necessary to reduce to intake alcohol. There are many people who have dealt with the problem of kidney pain after drinking alcohol, but by bringing drastic changes in their lifestyle and habits, they have managed to overcome the issues which could have proven to chronic at one point. It is as simple as eliminating the problem kidney pain after drinking alcohol. And if alcohol is the problem, eliminate that. I mean what else could be more important than your health? You have known what it is to drink alcohol and get high, you have known how it is to drink without keeping a count and have fun with your friends and you have also known that how it is proving to be a hazard to your health. So just listen to your body and allow it to help you live a healthy and happier life.

Resolving Kidney Pain with Water

kidney pain after drinking alcohol is solved by drink excessive amount of water. Normally alcohol damage kidney quick manner and it could be resolve by drink a lot of water. you just drink a lot of water to prevent kidney pain after drinking alcohol.

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