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Liver inflammation is the name that normally denotes liver disease or inflamed liver and clinically better known as hepatitis. In this article we will perhaps answer various questions about liver inflammation, including liver inflammation causes, liver inflammation symptoms, liver inflammation diet and liver inflammation treatment.

Hepatitis is a Greek word and it means inflammation of the liver that is normally characterized by the devastation of hepatic cell or liver cells as well as the existence of the inflammatory cells into the tissue of the liver. Liver inflammation can be triggered by some viruses which attack the cells of the liver like hepatitis A and hepatitis B. the person with glandular fever which is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, may also undergo troubles from hepatic attack.

What is liver inflammation?

Liver inflammation is a biological reaction that normally happens when liver cells are attacked by different disease causing microbes or disease causing germ. The liver is a vital organ in the digestive system which assists the digestive procedure and also carries out many other essential functions in body. These function including producing bile that helps to break down fats and different food into energy; generation various essential substance such as liver hormones; cleaning and remove toxic agent from the blood, including those from alcohol, drugs and medication; and controlling lipid storage and also cholesterol producing and release.

The severities, treatment of liver inflammation normally largely depend on the type and stage of hepatitis that you have. Usually the initial symptoms of liver inflammation are mainly similar to flu. On the other hand with the addition of jaundice, is yellowish discoloration of skin and whites of the eyes. But if you left untreated, then liver inflammation will start to interfere with the liver function and it can progress to final stage of liver disease and liver damage. Normally liver inflammation is worsened by drinking excessive level of alcohol. Bur fortunately, vaccines have been recently developed to defense against hepatitis A and hepatitis B, 2 common causes of liver inflammation.

Inflammation of the liver

The word hepatitis usually referred to inflammation of the liver. Most form of viral hepatitis result from the viral infection, although in several cases inflammation of the liver caused by an autoimmune disorder. In cases of autoimmune disorder, the body’s immune system or defense system attacks the liver cells because immune system cannot able to identify between healthy liver tissue and harmful invaders. Damage to the live from toxic, alcohol and certain drugs can also causes inflammation of the liver. Usually some inherited disease may also causes inflammation of the liver and hepatitis, along with extended obstruction of bile flow. Some form of liver inflammation may produce mils symptoms and sign, while other can be life threatening or serious.

Several types of viral hepatitis are well known, the most common of which are designed as the hepatitis A, B, C, D and hepatitis E. depending on the type viral hepatitis may spread through food or water contaminated by feces from an viral infected individual; contact with polluted or infected blood through infected needles; through sexual contact or intercourse with an infected persons; and passed from mother to her child during childbirth.

What causes liver inflammation?

The liver is considered as one of the largest organs in human body and it perform very important functions in our body like breaking down complex protein and carbohydrate. It also facilitated the absorption of complex fat from our intestine through the secretion of bile juice. Liver inflammation is very common condition that can causes inflammation in liver tissue. These conditions not only result in liver enlargement but also significantly affect its own function.

Liver inflammation can happen due to several factors. The most common cause that responsible for liver inflammation including:

  1. Viral infection is one of the major causes of liver inflammation.
  2. Hepatitis A and hepatitis C also responsible for liver inflammation.
  3. Alcoholic hepatitis that is another form of hepatitis which may causes due to excessive consumption of alcohol, and causes liver inflammation.
  4. Liver inflammation can also occur due to side effect of several prolonged drug use.
  5. Bacterial infection is another major factor that can cause liver inflammation.
  6. Exposure of toxins or harmful chemicals can increase the risk of inflammation of the liver.
  7. Low intake of fresh vegetable and fresh food and high intake of fatty food can also cause inflammation of the liver.

Difference between acute and chronic inflammation

Acute inflammation

Acute inflammation usually start very rapidly and quickly becomes severe. Acute liver inflammation occurs due to viral infection, hepatitis or chemical intoxication. Sign and symptoms of acute liver inflammation only present for few days. But in several cases acute liver inflammation symptoms can persist for few weeks.

Example of condition, disease or situation that can result in acute inflammation including: acute dermatitis, acute bronchitis, acute tonsillitis, acute appendicitis, sore throat from flu, acute sinusitis and acute infective meningitis.

Chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation means long term inflammation that can be last for several weeks, month or even years. Chronic liver inflammation can cause due to alcohol abuse, jaundice and autoimmune reaction. Chronic inflammation can result from:

  1. Chronic irritation of low intensity which persists.
  2. Failure to remove whatever was causing acute inflammation.
  3. Autoimmune response to self antigen.

Risk factors for liver inflammation

A number of risk factors can increase the risk of developing inflammation of the liver. Not all people with the risk factors will get inflammation of the liver. Although these risk factors will vary and is depending on the type of hepatitis. The risk factors for the inflammation of the liver include:

  1. Alcohol abuse.
  2. Consumption of contaminated food or water.
  3. Contact with bedding, utensils clotting, or personal equipments used by someone infected with viral hepatitis.
  4. Diseases that are require multiple blood transfusions.
  5. Exposure to body fluids or blood of an infected person.
  6. Exposure to needle, such as tattoo needles that used by an infected person.
  7. Sexual contact with someone who infected with viral hepatitis.
  8. Travel to place with contaminated water.

Liver inflammation causes

Hepatitis is a common disease name for liver inflammation and can have various different causes. Among them, the viral infection is one of the common causes of liver inflammation.

Viral infection

May viruses can causes inflammation of the liver and they are transmittable and infectious. The major viral causes of hepatitis are Hepatitis A virus, HBV, HCV, HDV and HEV. HFV and HGV just have been discovered. But among then Hepatitis A virus and Hepatitis D virus are normally self limited infections and rarely become severe or progress to liver cirrhosis. Chronic Hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus infection on the other hand, are most common. Chronic HBV and HCV can progress to serious right flank pain or liver disease, such as liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. Patients, who have Hepatitis C, should absolutely have the HAV and HBV vaccination in order to avoid the co-infection with those 2 kinds of viral infection.

Alcoholic hepatitis

Alcohol abuse can also cause liver inflammation and inflamed liver because alcohol and its metabolites are so much toxic for liver cells. If a person or individual takes 150g of alcohol per day for about five years, then ninety percent of them will have serious liver damages and liver inflammation. For ten years, thirty four percent will have chronic alcoholic hepatitis and about twenty five percent will progress to liver cirrhosis. Normally alcoholic liver diseases are 3 times more common than the Hepatitis C infection. Thus, it is so important for patient with hepatitis C to avoid any alcoholic drink.

Drug or chemical intoxication

It is another major cause of liver inflammation. Many chemical and drug can causes liver failure or liver damage and induce hepatitis, such as amethopterin, carbon-tetrachloride, acetaminophen, fenoprofen and tetracycline. The severity and degree of the liver damage or liver failure is dependent on the dosage, individual’s constitution and the length of the course. Normally long term chemicals or drug can induce chronic hepatitis even liver cirrhosis. The people with hepatitis C must avoid taking unnecessary or needless drug and stop using any recreational drugs. When there is a condition or infection that calls for pain killer or antibiotics, the patient should also be careful before taking the drug. Patient should always inform to doctor of your present liver condition.

Other causes of liver inflammation

Much other systematic infection may also infect your liver, such as Hepatitis B virus, bacterial infections. They can also cause the liver enzyme elevation and also other liver dysfunction or liver failure. In these diseases, inflammation of the liver is only part of its systemic manifestation. Individual with hepatitis C must be careful to protect themselves from this possible infection. Any infection may stir up immune reaction that can worsen the symptoms of hepatitis C.

Common causes of liver inflammation

Inflammation of the liver may be caused by the following:

1.    Alcohol abuse.
2.    Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
3.    Autoimmune reaction.
4.    Drug.
5.    Toxins.
6.    Viral infection.
7.    Decreased blood flow into liver.
8.    Hemochromatosis.
9.    Wilson’s disease.
10.    Obstructive jaundice.

What are the symptoms of inflammation of liver?

Symptoms of inflammation of the liver can involve a variety of several body systems and the severity of this disease. Hepatitis is one of the common terms for inflammation of the liver from any cause. Normally it may not cause any types of symptoms, or this condition may cause pain into the upper right quadrant of abdomen, inflammation near the bottom right area of rib cage and tenderness under the right area of the rib cage. An infrequent symptom of inflammation of the liver includes wind and bloating from eating fried and fatty foods. Fatigue and tiredness are common symptoms of liver inflammation.

Much common symptoms of liver inflammation

There are several types of inflammation of the liver and symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the liver inflammation. Major symptoms of liver inflammation are including:

1.    Abdominal swelling.
2.    Diarrhea.
3.    Abdominal bloating.
4.    Fatigue.
5.    Discolored urine.
6.    Headache.
7.    Joint pain.
8.    Discolored stool.
9.    Itchy skin.
10.    Loss of appetite.
11.    Low grade fever.
12.    Nausea with vomiting.
13.    Yellowing of the eyes and skin.
14.    Malaise.
15.    Change in taste sensitivity.
16.    Increasing needs for sleeping.
17.    Tiredness.
18.    Achy joint and muscle.

Serious liver inflammation symptoms that indicate life threatening condition

In several cases, inflammation of the liver can be life threatening and immediate medical care must needed. If you have following any symptoms, then you must take immediate medical treatment.

  1. Abdominal boating.
  2. Abdominal swelling.
  3. Severe fatigue.
  4. Vomiting with blood.
  5. Difficulty walking.
  6. Vomiting with black material.
  7. Severe abdominal pain.
  8. Change in mental conditions.
  9. Sudden behavior change.
  10. Severe tiredness.

Reducing the risk of liver inflammation

You can able to decrease the chance to develop liver inflammation by following ways:

  1. Avoiding contact with body fluid or blood of a viral infected person.
  2. Avoiding contact with used needle.
  3. Limiting travel in place or area with sanitation deficiencies.
  4. You can take vaccine against hepatitis A and B.
  5. Avoiding contact with bedding, or personal item used by someone who infected by hepatitis.
  6. Boiling water that might be contaminated before drinking.

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