Lower back pain kidney causes, symptoms and treatment

Lower back pain kidney is the symptoms of kidney infection and kidney stone. Normally lower back pain kidney causes due to kidney problems. Lower back pain kidney may be lethal at time due to lack of effective treatment. Instead of the silently suffering in pain, it is so better to consider multiple options is available to you base upon which you will able to maintain the ideal health condition. Normally kidney is involved on lower back pain kidney. Some multiple treatments are available for lower back pain kidney.

What is lower back pain kidney?

It is important to remember that the back pain and the kidney pain have the similar symptoms but they have fully different causes. One person can have back pain symptoms that caused by kidney infection, and while another person could have same type of symptoms that are causes by back pain. Kidneys are located to the right and left side of your spine and directly above your hips. Lower back pain kidneys usually occur near of those areas. Many people describe that the symptoms are as a general tenderness and not pain.

Causes of lower back pain kidney

Kidney tumor or kidney cancer present in the kidney that may lead to the lower back pain kidney. Kidney infection, horseshoe kidney, hemorrhage or bleeding in kidney and polycystic kidney disease are the common causes that lead to develop lower back pain kidney. If you feel constant and the dull pain in the kidney, then you must consult with doctor immediately. If you have any fever or urinary tract infection or body ache, then you should inform your doctor. There will feel sudden pain there is a blood clot into the kidney. This pain may present into the lower abdomen. Diagnosis for the lower back pain kidney must be done carefully for appropriate treatment.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer or kidney tumor is one of the major causes of lower back pain kidney. If tumor form into the kidney then patient feel severe pain into the lower back side.

Kidney infection

This condition is generally known as pyelonephritis. It can affect on urinary bladder and then it spread into whole kidney. After kidney infection the tissue of the kidney become swells and causes pain into   kidney. Kidney pain is mainly responsible for the lower back pain kidney.

Bleeding in kidney

This condition is also known as hemorrhage. This condition occurs due to inflammation into the kidney. As a result sometime bleeding happen into kidney and it is another major causes of lower back pain kidney.

Symptoms of lower back pain kidney

There are several symptoms that are normally associated with lower back pain kidney. Lower back pain is cause because of the kidney stone and may be intermittent. This pain may come and go off. The urinary tract infection, presence of blood into urine and the difficulty to urination are major sign of lower back pain kidney. Kidney swelling, kidney enlargement and the kidney cancer also lead the lower back pain kidney. Several lower back pain kidney symptoms are:

  1. Fever.
  2. Nausea.
  3. Blood in urine.
  4. Difficulties to urination.
  5. Chills.
  6. Backache and pain.
  7. Foul and excessive urine
  8. High blood pressure
  9. Nail abnormalities
  10. Dribbling after every after urination
  11. Sediment in the urine
  12. Decrease in urine flow

Treatment of lower back pain kidney

The kidneys are one of the important organs that are present in our body. Kidneys are very essential for maintaining waste product in our body. Kidneys filtered the excess waste product from our body by the form of urine and it will be ejected out from the system. When kidneys cannot perform their function properly, there will be drastic health problem in your body. The impact will be on the bone, muscle and the brain. Lower back pain kidney is normally occurred due to kidney infection. So immediate treatment require after visible the symptoms of lower back pain kidney.

Based on your symptoms doctor will give you several medical test. The nature of the pain and location is varying on treatment. Doctor may give you some bacterial test to observe the kidney functioning. Some antibiotic mediation also use for the treatment of the lower back pain relief.

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