Reverse heart disease diet and how to reverse

Reverse heart disease means relief heart disease by following several diet and exercise. Reverse heart disease and prevention is possible by avoiding some foods or habit that’s responsible for heart disease. Heart is one of the major organs in our body. Heart disease prevention is better than reverse heart disease. Here I will describe about how to reverse heart disease.

How to reverse heart disease

Some cardiac patient can reverse their heart disease by following several lifestyles. This lifestyle will help you to prevent your heart disease and also reverse heart disease.


Exercise plays an important rule for reverse heart disease. You can improve your heart health or condition with daily exercise. Daily 30min exercise is enough to keep your heart healthy. You can perform your exercise either all at once or several time on day. Walking is also a good exercise for reverse heart disease.

Improve your diet

You have to improve your diet for reverse heart disease. You must eating food such as fruits, vegetable, legumes, whole grain and fish. On the other hand you must avoid some foods that contain high saturated fat and this fat is harmful for heart. Your overall health and heart health is depending on healthy food that able to reverse heart disease.

Reduce stress

Elevated blood pressure is mainly causes due to excess stress and resulting in faster heart beat. Faster heart beat means that your heart is functioning harder than normal. This condition is mainly responsible for heart disease. Relaxation must need to avoid heart disease. Every day you have to keep clam environment to sometime that will help you to reduce blood pressure and also reverse heart disease.

Lower your cholesterol

LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol for your body and heart. High LDL cholesterol level can increase your heart disease and heart attack because the bad cholesterol in hinders arterial blood flow and also raised the chance of blood cloth. You can lower your cholesterol level by increasing exercise and change in your diet.

Other ways to reverse heart disease


You must take rest and also sleep for long time for reverse heart disease. Sleep deprivation has been related with increase appetite, weight gain, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and caloric intake. Sleep duration and quality is largely associated with blood pressure. High blood pressure is responsible for insomnia and that contribute on heart disease. You must take proper rest to for reverse heart disease.

Lose weight

Obesity inflicts needless strain into the heart muscle. Oboes person is highly risk to develop heart disease than normal person. By losing weight, you may reverse heart disease. Obesity is also contribute to making diabetes and also circulatory problems.

Eliminate cigarette

You must avoid cigarette for reverse heart disease. Smoking is direct responsible for damage your heart and also circulatory system. It will attribute to accelerate heart disease. Every year several thousand of people in world die due to heart disease which occurs due to cigarette. If you able to decrease your smoking habit, you will able to reverse heart disease and prevent the progression of heart disease.

Some healthy food for reverse heart disease

Some healthy foods that also contribute for reverse heart disease including:

Cold water and fatty fish

Fatty fish and cold water are an excellent source of long chain omega 3 fats, DHA and EPA that are very important for heart health. Fish oil can reduce heart disease and it is very important for heart health. Regular fish oil consumption or fish can reverse heart disease.

Monounsaturated fat

Monounsaturated fat is contributed to increase HDL cholesterol level that is useful for heart health. It can also reduce LDL cholesterol level and triglyceride that is harmful for heart health. They also decrease oxidized LDL, reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure, reduce thrombosis and also decrease the chance of heart disease. Monounsaturated fat is important for reverse heart disease. Olive oil, avocados, macadamia nuts and olive are the best source of Monounsaturated fat.

Antioxidant-rich foods

Antioxidant-rich foods can protect heart disease in various ways. Antioxidant defense system protects us from oxidative damage that is major risk factor of heart disease and heart attack. To Strengthening these systems have two sides. It reducing our experience to oxidative stress and also increasing the intake of antioxidant rich foods. Many people think that only fruits and vegetable are the source of antioxidant. But it is true that these foods are rich in antioxidant but egg, meat, red meat is also rich in antioxidant. It is responsible for reverse heart disease.

Polyphenol-rich foods

Polyphenols are diverse class of molecule that made by few animal, certain fungi and plant. This Polyphenol-rich foods is very useful for reduce heart disease. They defense against infection, sunlight damage, coloration and chemical oxidation. Many vegetable and fruits like apple, eggplant, blueberries and red potatoes are come from Polyphenol. Some other Polyphenol rich foods including extra virgin olive oil, tea, especially green tea, and red win, blueberries, citrus fruit etc. These Polyphenol-rich foods are very important for heart health. They also play an important role for reverse heart disease.

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