White liver disease- white spots on liver

White liver disease is a hepatic lip dystrophy which has been recognized as a clinical entity in the northern and eastern north Island. In nineteenth seventy one it was first noted that sheep affected with white liver had low liver levels of vitamin B12 and symptoms that can be caused by cobalt deficiency such as ill thrift, anorexia, depression, serous ocular discharge, and also the anemia.

Since then, after veterinarians at whangarie animal health laboratory have continued I investigate outbreak of the white liver and they now feel primary cobalt deficiency is an important factor into the pathogenesis of while liver.

While liver disease

In nineteenth seventy eight laboratory staff investigated outbreak of the white liver disease and find that in all of cases, pasture sample was low in cobalt.

The liver vitamin B12 level for disease sheep was very low, and the levels for the clinically unaffected sheep on the same farm were also low or marginal. In fact the liver B12 level of the unaffected sheep on the farm with while liver disease was less than the third of the level in control sheep on the firm that had never experienced white liver.

The serum vitamin B12 levels of disease and healthy sheep into farm white liver were low and the only a tenth of the mean for control sheep.

These result are hardly indicate that the low B12 vitamin level found in sheep with white liver disease that were due to primary cobalt deficiency. Only sheep deficiency in B12 vitamin or cobalt seemed susceptible to white liver.

Whether the acute hepatic lip dystrophy in occur solely by a lack of cobalt and whether it is result of an hepatic toxin is still yet not known. There are so many areas of New Zealand are deficiency of cobalt but there never cause white liver disease. On other hand normally cobalt is known as to protect animals against some toxic situation such as phalaris stagger and those may be its rule in white liver. Normally white liver disease can be prevented by top-dressing suspected pasture with the cobalt.

The causative role of the cobalt in New Zealand as bush sickness of white liver. However it also seems that still have much to learn about the part that cobalt as a vital constituent of B12 vitamin play important rule in white liver.

White live lady

A white liver lady or woman may be a woman United Nations agency is claimed to form each man she dates or marry die. She does not really kills them however its as if she contains a curse on her that produces them die. Another term used is spider. They need an equivalent that means.

White Liver it’s wont to describe a girl with a awfully high drive. In typically cases a girl of East Indian tight is given this label as there’s a story that they need a high drive.

White Liver White-liver may be a syndrome known by associate degree unsatiated sexual appetency. It looks to be primarily attributed to ladies, however will seek advice from a person. Randolph (1947) identifies white liver as that means over-sexed.

They used this term with while liver lady reference to a girl, United Nations agency on every occasion she got married the person would die. She is not killing them, it simply happens on her watch.

I went finding out this term while liver lady and located 2 completely different meanings. There’s a that means in East Indian culture that relates to a person or girl being “oversexed”. In yankee culture, ideally the South. The term WHITE LIVER meant having multiply spouses die whereas married to the person or girl.

What is white liver?

White liver is known as someone who having a white liver is a female and has a huge sexual demand and appetite. White liver another name for it that may would be a nymphomaniac.

Symptoms of white liver

Some symptoms those are view after affecting white liver are including:

  1. Anemia.
  2. Anorexia is the major symptom of white liver.
  3. depression.
  4. Serous ocular discharge is another major symptom of white liver.
  5. Ill thrift.
  6. Abdominal pain.

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  • I have a rare liver disease which makes my liver very congested I feel ill every day and depression very bad too . Has anyone else feel the same feel so alone as its so rare can’t be treated.

    Angela January 16, 2017 6:53 am Reply

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